I Want to Stop Rogaine After Using it for 15 Years


Taking propecia for a few months, but have also been taking Rogaine for 15 years. However the last 10 years I’ve only been applying it once a day. Would like to use propecia alone. How minoxidil dependent if at all do you think my hair is with just once a day application for so many years. Should I expect shedding if I discontinue?


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I have no way to tell what you should expect, as everybody is different. The other day a young man (32 years old) came to see me who started Rogaine 10 years earlier and just stopped it 9 months ago, losing most of the benefit with overt balding showing. He went back on it 3 months later and got no benefit from it. There’s just one example.

If you want to stop Rogaine do it slowly over the course of several months. You already apply it once a day (rather than the recommended twice a day regimen). Over the course of several months, maybe try every other day? Also it is worth noting that Propecia won’t retain the benefits you had from Rogaine, and vice versa.

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