Arimidex and Hair Loss?

First a little background of my problem. i am a male of 26 years of age. I was suffereing from Erectile Dysfunction. My urologist diagnosed me with hypogonadism. He prescribed me arimidex (estradiol blocker). My current dosage for this medicine is 0.5 mg per 2.5 days. My sexual life has improved a lot after taking arimidex. For the last few weeks I am facing tremendous hair loss. On searching internet about it, I found that one cause could be high DHT. It is possible with arimidex to have high DHT? arimidex increases testosterone and reduces estradiol. The extra testosterone in my blood converts to DHT.

I am looking for solution so that the extra DHT doesnot damage my hair follicles. I am also concerned that if I use some kind of DHT blocker, how it will effect my sex life. I am under impression that less DHT can cause havoc in sex life eventually even causing erectile dysfunction. I am not sure about this behaviour of less DHT. Please help me to understand whether if DHT levels directly affects the sex life?

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Although erectile dysfunction (ED) can be induced by finasteride (a DHT blocker), it is very rare. With proper treatment for your hypogonadism, you might ask your doctor about the use of finasteride which may not interfere with your treatment for ED. Arimidex (anastrozole) itself can cause hair loss in some rare cases — see for more.

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