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I am taking Propecia for the past 4 months.However being a student, I find it very costly and would like to take the generic Popecia.On talking with my family doctor in INDIA ,I got to know that the generic Propecia made by Dr Reddys Pharmaceuticals is FDA approved and also much cheaper.

The Doctor who gave me a prescription for Propecia in Boston says that the medicines from India do not contain Finasteride at all and should not be taken.Also I read in an earlier question about the same issue u had answered that the Propecia from India is not FDA approved and is of Poor quality.But Dr Reddys Pharma Claim that their Product has been FDA approved. Should I ask my Parents to send me the Generic Dose from INDIA or continue using the Brand Propecia as cost is a major issue.Also wanna know if using the Generic Propecia will give the same results. (Dr Reddys Pharma is considered amongst the best Pharmaceuticals in INDIA.)

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Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Company is well-known and I believe that their generic Propecia is FDA approved. I wrote about it before. To get approved by the FDA, the company must show that it contains what it stated on the packaging.

The distribution of finasteride should be equal throughout the tablet (1mg or 5mg tablet), but I conclude that by using my common sense. I can not tell you what to do, but many people who use the Dr. Reddy’s finasteride products say that it is the same as what is sold as Propecia or Proscar. You should know that getting the generic 1mg pill into the US violates Merck’s patent, which is why it is illegal to sell the medication in the United States.

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