Burning Sensation on My Scalp

About 2yrs ago I started getting an itching and burning sensation on the back of my head on the scalp around the hairline up about 2inches. I noticed my hair thinning, I went to see a Dermatologist he gave me a couple of steroid shots. He told me to come back for a follow-up, when I did he said it hadn’t helped but not to worry about it, with time it should grow back. It hasn’t and seems to be getting thinner on my right side. It still itches and hair falls out more than on the other side. Can you help or suggest any solution?

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I’m not sure how long it was between the time you received the steroid shots and your follow-up visit. You’re under the care of a dermatologist, and if you feel you’re not getting adequate treatment for whatever reason, you should consider trying a different doctor. Without examining you, I can not help you. Sorry!

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  1. Ok I have had the same symptoms for the past month and i went from having super thick curly hair to thin hair with bald spots. Ive read up on it and pure aloe gel works to stop the hairfall. it stops the itching and burning within 24hrs. Blend the aloe into a food processor or blender its very gooy and then apply it to the scalp. It really helps a lot I just need to make sure there is no more hair loss or i will be a bald female and I will never leave my house again :(

  2. Hello,

    I am desperate for help, so I am sending out this email that might be able to help me!

    I have been rapidly losing my hair and I am very concerned.
    I have been doing some research on the web and found there are a lot of women that have the exact problem I have but here is not cure or diagnosis. Please advise if you have heard of any of the below symptoms and if you have ever heard of this problem.

    I have been to several doctors and all they ever tell me is “your blood work looks normal and just take some Rogain”! This is not good enough for me. I know there is definitely a problem and I would like to find out what it is.
    It is making my life hell not to mention my scalp is on fire!

    Here are my symptoms:
    1/ The itching on my scalp comes and goes as it pleases. Nothing really makes it subside…I just kind of wait it out. Sometimes it almost feels like little bugs or worms are crawling in my scalp.
    2. Scratching makes it worse…it actually kind of agitates it and makes it burn a lot. Also, my scalp feels kind of hard. For example, when I wash my hair, it almost feels like my scalp is numb or frozen.
    3. It’s a combination. In some areas, my scalp lools very dry and there are scales. Ain other areas my scalp feels moist. There is no oozing, but if I scratch my head, I get a lot of residue under my finger nail.
    4. There is no eruption, my scalp is just red. It flares up sometimes and becomes red and hot.
    5. It is general thinning all over. But, there is some sort of correlation between the burning and itching and the hair loss. For example, I get the most burning at my temples and there my hair is very very thin. Also, it burns a lot in the crown of my head. My hair texture has also changed a lot. My hair is very limp.
    6. Illneses in my family include glaucoma, and lung cancer (my grandfather was a smoker). Other than that, everyone is very healthy.
    7. I used to be a happy person. Now, I am more sullen. I am definitely more sluggish. Like I said, I have to drag myself out of my bed. I am also pretty short tempered, and get angry easily.
    8. I am 5’7” and slim with an athletic build. I workout 5 days a week so I am in very good shape. I run and lift.
    9. I eat healthfully, I eat a lot of meat and vegetables. Hardly any sugar, no white flour.
    10. I consider myself to be a warm blooded person.

  3. I have a severe problem. About a year ago I started haing a severe burning in the crown of my head. It got worse in the winter and I started noticing hair loss. NO ONE in my family has any kind of balding and I figure with the burning pain associated with it, it must be something else. I went to two dermatologist without and relief. One said it was stress and one even said it might be a form of \”herpes\”. Nothing they did worked and they seem to be unconcerned to say the least. I would sincerely like to find out what may be causing it and if it can be stopped or reversed. I had a full head of hair till this started and it has been coming out fast till I am very thin on the crown and the burning is very severe. Please help if you can. By the way I was tested for thyroid problems and diabetic problems and all came back negative. Thank you for your time.

  4. If anyone is taking a STATINS LIKE LIPITOR OR ZOCOR BEWARE that they cause hair loss and can cause your scalp to burn and itch because of the hair falling out. I was on Lipitor for 2 years and noticed some hair loss I thought it was because of my age 56 years old. But there is no hair loss on my side my father had a full head of hair and my brother at 65 has his hair. I was then put on Zocor 40 mg within about 3 weeks I noticed my scalp was burning and hair was falling out fast at my front hair line and the top of my head. I didn’t think it could be the drug till I started to read on line about other people having the same problem. I tried different shampoos thinking that was the cause, after 2 months I saw on line the relationship of statins and hair loss. I have been off the drug for 3days and the scalp burning is almost gone I just hope the hair grows back. I’m going to try some rogain to help it along.I also read that next year the FDA is going to have the drug companies list hair loss as a major side effect for these drugs.

  5. I hope this helps, about 3 years ago, my hair came out in the back from the nape of my neck up to my right above my ear. At first it came out on the right side and later the left side came out. It was like the shape of a V. I got my hair cut really short for the sake of a style. After that, my hair started to come out in the top of my head. The top would be itchy and sore to the touch. My derm. told me it was a form of alopecia, and gave me steroid shots in my scalp. My hair started to grow back, but very slow. It never would get past a stubble. My scalp would feel tingly a little on the right side, but I don’t remember any strange feeling on the left. After several visits to the derm with no favorable results, I stopped going, did some research online and then started taking biotin pills and Vitex (elixir). I also stopped putting a relaxer on my hair and I bought some essentials oils to mix and massage on my scalp. I had a bald spot in the top of head in May of 2010. Since taking the biotin and the vitex, my bald spot is basically covered with thick hair. It seems that my whole head of hair is growing fairly quick. So, try taking the biotin and the vitex. I do the 5000 mcg of Biotin a day. A bottle of 120 pills cost about $7 at Walmart. I have to get the Vitex from the health store.

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