Vitamin C Supplement Ester-C and Hair Strength

Ester-C has greatly reduced the amount of hair that I naturally shed. I have tried this three times and have experienced the same results. There are several people that have witnessed my results. Shedding has been reduced by approximately 80%. I also take Avodart, but it is the Ester-C that has had this effect. I haven’t noticed any increase in actual hair growth from Ester-C. I just seems to make the hair stay in the follicle better. To sum it up, by taking Ester-C my hair would survive a pull test far better. This is factual information and could easily be proven.


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I am unfamiliar with the connection of vitamin C to hair loss prevention or increasing the strength of your hair while pulling on it. Maybe the use of Avodart (dutasteride) is somehow potentiated by it, but that is like playing roulette and any guess is as good as another one.

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