Mystery Hairline Bumps?

I have small bumps near the hairline of my scalp that dont itch. There aren’t many bumps (about 5 or 6) and they are concentrated near the the side hairline (by my ear). These bumps eventually shrink and turn into a scab. If I get the scab out of my hair I notice there is a hair in the center of the scab. Also, I notice when my hair falls out sometimes I there is a little ball like thing attached to the end where the root is. Sometimes there is a small white see through flake of skin with hair in the middlel as well. I lose a lot of hair and have been using hair for about 9 months. I have been seeing a dermatologist for the past 6 months at least once a month and he has prescribed different medicines but I feel like he hasnt even examined my scalp. I had blood tests run and everything came back fine. I have also had one cortizone shot to the hip (which he said would reduce inflamation) but it just made me feel sick. He also prescribed a topical ointment for psoriasis that I have to wear for at least 4 hours a day with a shower cap on but it doesnt seem to help. I have seen pictures of patients with psoriasis and it looks nothing like my scalp. Could you please help me?

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Unfortunately, this is something that I can not help you without seeing you. If your dermatologist can’t figure it out, perhaps you should seek out another dermatologist.

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