Balayam Yoga Will Cure Hair Loss? It’s Magic!

I have come to know that someone called SK has discovered a Yoga exercise called balayam is effective in curing baldness and hairloss. If you want to know more about balayam please log on to

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MAGIC!Controlling stress can help with balding that was caused by stress, but I would sincerely doubt any yoga technique is a “magical yet simple way to cure baldness” as that site states. Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Sorry, but no yoga move will reverse genetic hair loss.

I just watched the video of this “magical” method and smiled when I saw that the baldness cure that everyone has been missing over the years was apparently the act of rubbing your fingers in a certain way. Well, at least the Balayam site isn’t charging people money for this stuff. See the video yourself at YouTube. And by the way… I’m only indulging this to leave you all with a smile for the weekend.

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  1. Dear doctor,

    It may sound very strange but its effective. Try it on patients who are not willing to pay for HT.
    The first symptom of balayam will be that, hairloss will stop completely within a month or two.
    I can assure you that within 6 months new hairs will regrow on those areas where they had completely vanished. I have tried it on myself. Today my age is 46 Yrs, since 40+ I was loosing hairs due to male pattern baldness, atleast 25 hairs will come each time I combed. But after doing balayam for last 6 months religiously today all hairs have regrown on those areas where they had gone forever.
    To my greatest surprise, hairloss has stopped completely. Today when I comb my hairs as vigrously as possible, only 2-5 hairs will come in my comb. Its amazing to me even. How can a simple exercise be so effective. You may see my video again to see full head with hairs.
    Believe it or not. Its a magic to me also.
    Yoga is like Linux. Its my firm belief that everyone has a fundamental right to have good health. That’s why I am not charging anything from anybody.

    1. Hello m facing baldness issues m women can I. Hv ur contact number so that I can share my issues on phone n know more abt it

      1. Ya its possible to regrow hair the best method is that you apply aroma magic castor oil during bed before that you balayam yoga(nail rubbing exercise) and after 3 months you get thick hairs guaranty. During first time ogre balayam yoga your some hair are falled out but dont worry those hairs are not healty hair in place of that hair new hairs are grown do this yoga atleast 15-20 mins…

    2. I am doing balayam everyday..but i dont experience any tingling sensation on my scalp..balyam supposed to cause tingling sensation know..

  2. it makes zero sense that a finger rub would cause your hair to regrow where you were once completely bald. The two are not connected. that’s like saying whenever i wear a green shirt, my toenails grow long.

    1. No sense but just look how many guitarrists have great hair

      Maybe rubbing their nails aganist guitars chords help them

  3. Yoga was invented at a time when only primitive means were available to human kind, so people in those times discovered treatments and cures for small to big problems with very primitive methods. They are simple and free hence, are as relevent today as they were in ancient times.

    There are other techniques like “Pranayam”, another very simple looking exercise of inhaling and exhaling air with force, which can treat artery blockades, skin dieseases, asthama etc. It has been very well proven by many neo and old Yoga gurus. Come to India or talk to any Indian he will confirm the same. So, balayam, which is apparently very simple looking exercise but so effective that it will amaze the whole world. Ignore it at your own peril.

    Let me tell you, balayam is simple nails rubbing technique that cures baldness, new hairs grow on those areas where they had vanished forever and hairloss is completely stopped, what more one can expect from a simple exercise like balayam. Try it as I am not asking for a penny even.

  4. Yeah, but he has nothing to sell. Why bother with the cost of creating a web site? The author should, however, show some before & after photos.

    The theory is “to stimulate the nerve centers to your hair”. Sounds reasonable…but…will it work?

  5. Not to be crass, but it’s a simple case of pics or GTFO, rather than telling us the history of Yoga (and they’d need to be somewhat better than the tiny photos on the website).

    1. Balayam yoga really works…it’s stops hair fall…theory behind it is the nerves of our fingers and of hair focuses are directly connected

  6. sounds all a bit far fetched.
    but i gave it a go for 10 minutes each hand and if nothing else i found it quite relaxing.
    i see no reason to stop due to the reasons stated.
    if i regrow any hair ill post comment.

  7. well, man used to be able to smell the air for food or enemies, and later on, speak several languages, and play several musical instruments. We have been trained to accept only the greedy animals word that their remedy will do the job if we pay through the nose. SImple exercise and simple eating will keep you healthy and functioning well, why not an exercise for hair growth. We go through this life with blinders on, not accepting anything but some corporate wisdom which is just avarice and greed in disguise. I don’t know if this works, but given the expense and neurosis that using those weird drugs causes, I would opt for the natural remedy. At least you won’t lose control of you fallum bway bway. I think women are more accepting than we men think, and who wants a high maintenance women anyway? more headaches and hair loss.

  8. My cousin — who — get this — was 80% BALD and COMPLETELY BALD ON TOP — did this for 13 months and has a full head of hair now. A FULL HEAD OF HAIR! Just goes to show you what rip-offs doctors and pharmacies have been to us all these years.

    This Balayam guy is 100% correct. I know because I saw it work for my cousin. He has 3 friends at work who’re doing the same thing – each one of them experiencing substantial regrowth after about 3 mos. We are as amazed at this as the balayam guy here. My cousin does like 20 minutes a day now just for his own peace of mind but he was doing it about 40 minutes a day for 13 mos.

    Go ahead and laugh if you want but this S K guy knows what he’s talking about.

  9. There is enough photographic and testimonial evidence now to show that this is a seriously legitimate treatment for baldness. I’m not claiming that it works for absolutely everyone, but I’ve been doing it for 5 months, and the results for me have well and truly surpassed any benefits I’ve received from 10 years worth of Finasteride and Minoxidil. 5 months ago, I was on the verge of booking in for a hair transplant. Now, this is the furthest thing from my mind.

    With respect, doctor, you should perhaps be a little less mocking and dismissive of techniques of which you have no understanding. If Male Pattern Baldness is your field of expertise, the onus is on you to be educated (or at least familiar) about all the treatments available to hair loss sufferers – legitimate or otherwise. This technique is now gaining wide exposure, and producing amazing results, so for you to caricature Balayam as some type of faux magic suggests that you are either completely ignorant or disingenuous of its potential.

  10. I’d love to see these “amazing results”. The whole idea of “curing” hair loss by rubbing your fingers is as ridiculous as you being able to fly if you flap your arms fast enough. But I suppose if someone uploaded a video to YouTube that said otherwise, we’d have someone jumping off his roof with his arms flailing just to try to save on travel costs.

  11. I’m going to go jump off the roof of my apartment right now. My friend Johnny will film me and upload the video to YouTube.

    I will flap my arms as if I were a bird. I’ll do all this just to prove Balayam is real and effective.

    If I die, Balayam is not effective.

    If I succeed….start rubbing your fingernails together.

    Wish me luck.

  12. “I’d love to see these “amazing results”.”

    Would you, Doctor? Really, would you?

    I’ve already made the bold statement that I have personally profited from the benefits of Balayam, one of these being substantial regrowth. Of course, my word is not enough, because seeing is believing.

    But suppose I could direct you to a link with photographic documentation of half a dozen other people who have tried this technique and re-grown hair?

    I could easilt arrange for this, but don’t worry, I won’t, because I realise that as soon as you are presented with this evidence, you will begin thinking of ways to dismiss it as being fake. This story is old and tired for me, and it goes like this:

    First, someone puts their hand up and claims rubbing fingernails together in a certain way can promote hair growth, whilst having a range of other peripheral benefits on the scalp and dermal papilla. The stage is set for a heated backlash.

    The broader community of hair loss sufferers will berate the idea and defeat it with simple, but ultimately flawed logic. Mockery and ridicule take the place of open-mindedness and humility. One of the most FAQs from skeptics is: “if this really worked, why don’t we already know about it?”, never realising that this question answers itself. Anyone who thinks Balayam is ridiculous will never try it. They will therefore never know that it works. Anyone who claims that it does work should be regarded as crazy, because the idea is totally crazy. The argument is nice, neat and perfectly circular.

    “Experts” in the field will then chime and and strip the idea of any remaining credibility, and most of us will all listen, because they are trained professionals, and we should always trust them.

    However, a significant minority will appreciate that nature still has some surprises up its sleeve, and explore the possibility that maybe – just maybe – this could work. Some will have results and some won’t, but it won’t make any difference, because the very last thing the medical establishment wants is a treatment which is free, natural, effective and without side effects, because this would be the beginning of the end for a multi billion dollar industry.

    I understand that anyone with “MD” in their title will never put their reputation in jeopardy by conceding that this could ever work. This message is for everyone else, before it gets removed.

  13. You’re right. It’ll be very easy to fake whatever photos you present. Then again, it would be a start and at least attempt to add some proof to your words. But I guess it is easier for you to talk about the results without actually showing them.

    Of course there will be skeptics. There have been thousands of products and techniques over the years all claiming to regrow hair or “cure” hair loss — and they do not work. While I’m sure this is just another one of those, if you want people to believe it isn’t a waste of time, the burden is on you to prove it. And if you don’t want that burden, feel free to stop posting at any time.

  14. Whoever wants to believe it…believe… I don’t care about those non-believers who don’t even try and talk stuffs to hinder others who even wanna try…

    It will work 100% sure… whether you call it balayam or hand reflexology or whatever… I used to lose hairs like shit…By 25 I looked 35 yrs old… Painful when, even our dear ones word of pity, make you feel like hell…

    My concept is very simple:
    1)I do balayam for about 20-40 min daily… if i get a chance even more when my hands are free to rub…

    2) I do scalp exercise by Tom Hagherty 15 min (morning and night) everyday… and also follow his advice of Brewers yeast…

    3) I got to know that our body and hair refreshes/rejuvenates during our sleep between 11PM-2AM. So sleep b4 11PM and get 7-8 hrs sleep (very important). The hair should be ready and clean to utilize this healing. So I take head bath before I sleep and remove any dirt/grease (Use mild shampoo or even baby shampoo).

    4)I use Nizoral shampoo (once a week… as Im afraid of dandruff…cos my scalp becomes really really oily).

    5)I apply Ashwini hair oil (Indian hair oil) as it is recommended by my well-wishers… and it is natural. I’m Indian btw…

    6)I eat lotta fruits and vegetables.

    7)Exercise is a must. I do simple jogging fr 30 minutes followed by stretching, a bit of breathing exercise (5 minutes) to calm down my stress (Breath in 6 secs-Hold 6 secs-Breath out slowly to last 6 secs… we should feel the tummy moving in and out…not the chest).

    8)Last but not least… I comb my hairs for about 3 min to start blood flow to the scalp just before my exercise. This also removes our stress and makes you feel good.

    For all these above, pls calculate yourself how much I would have spend… I’ve taken oath that I should not take any pills and waste my time & money (with dangerous side effects) at point of time.

    I’m so confident of Balayam cos I was trying all the other stuffs before… which gave me peace of mind (I felt healthy). But only after adding this to my routine (3 months back), I got to see some small cute and strong “babies”(hairs) even on my shiny temple where I lost hope of regaining. My crown just started losing the hairs then (thinning lead to visible crown) and it is restoring back very well.

    First 1-2 months I lost hairs like shit…even thought of quitting this… consoling words that hairloss happens because of shedding phase made me continue further. Also one important thing to notice, though I lose these weak hairs, the strong hairs looked healthier and strong. This is one good inference where I felt that this is working.

    I’m not a stupid to type all these… so also SK who spend time to start a website and tell something he believes – at free of cost. People just believe colorful sites promising stuffs and cost us hell a lotta money.

    Anyone who trusts my words, pls try this and post your comments on your progress which will be very useful for many of us. Stay positive throughout.

    Thanks for reading! All the best

  15. It does work. Speaking from direct experience and regular practice, I can feel the increased pressure in my scalp along with itching/”pins & needles” feeling that comes up in a consistent and predictable pattern, every day, whenever I do Balayam.

    Dismissing something as “non-scientific” and not actually doing the practice for oneself, this is real ignorance. I hope to see the end of an industry (the commercial “scientific” medical business) that likes to complicate problems that are otherwise very easily treatable and reversible with simple, traditional practices.

    The practice of Yoga and other traditional medical systems are far older than modern medical science, and are firmly rooted in the proof provided DIRECTLY BY PRACTITIONERS, rather than by the need to first pay up and take a dubious expert’s word for it.

    In the case of serious body chemistry-related disease or if a person’s condition has gotten past the point of their body’s ability to heal itself, then modern medical technology is of use. In the vast majority of other cases, an individual is fully empowered with his/her body’s own natural healing capabilities, and with the assistance of natural foods and herbal medicines.

    Balayam (or finger rubbing, whatever you want to call it) is one such capability. The claim that just because we don’t have sufficient instruments to measure certain connections within the body (like those explored by reflexology/acupressure/acupuncutre, etc.) does not mean that such connections to not exist by default. Again, sometimes this is just ignorance, but other times it is done to maintain business-as-usual (“keep people in the dark, take their money, and feed them shit”) mentality.

    At the end of the day, the medical industry is made up of regular people, just like everyone else, who look at their world through the same, incomplete and often limited and misguided perspective (plus some new technology, which certainly helps, but still does not replace direct experience).

    Do Balayam correctly and consistently. It works. Eat well, sleep well, reduce your stress. Read up on traditional medicine (yoga and ayurveda are two of the oldest, most reliable and practical systems to look to, in spite of the labels of “pseudo-science”, “unproven”, etc.

    There ARE bullshit-free and hassle-free ways to heal your body. Be highly skeptical of the establishment, and listen to your body.

    Balayam Works and it don’t cost a cent.

    1. You can’t expect results need to do this for months together(to be precise at least 8 to 10 months).doing only balayam doesn’t hone your hair.There are yogas which increases the blood flow to your scalp.massage your hair regularly.don’t know if it’s a myth but eating fruits in an empty stomach rejuvenates your hair..

  16. I am doing balayam for the past three weeks and have kept my hairs short. I am very disturbed to see that they are falling like anything. Is this the shedding phase and if yes then how long will this take?. I do balayam for an hour like 15 min, 4 times a day. I do gym exercise for an hour, do pranayam for 30 min, eat fruits, almonds etc daily. I do it with one finger only (middle/first). So I assume it is affecting me as I am loosing hairs.

    any suggstions as how i should proceed….

  17. Gaurav–

    Depending on your level of loss, genetics, general health level and hormones, it may be a considerable amount of time before you start to see results.

    Try to do all of the fingers every day. It may help to do an hour straight on some days, if you have the time. The more you do it, the better. Try to make it a habit (like something you do unconsciously all the time, as some people might bite their nails or play with their hair, etc…)

    It is a very slow process, and the shedding could last for months, even. (But, hair loss doesn’t usually occur all at once either, it takes a long time as well). So don’t think that all of your hair will grow back all at once. You may have to do it for a year or more, so be patient if you want to see results.

    Also, consider taking an herbal supplement to block 5-Alpha Reductase (the enzyme that converts Testosterone to DHT, which causes your hair follicles to atrophy). High-dose Saw Palmetto, or Red Reishi (a type of mushroom from Japan/China) are both safe and effective supplements to reduce the amount of DHT in the body.

    But continue to do Balayam every day, and don’t worry so much about seeing instant results. If there is regrowth, it will come VERY gradually (like after 6 months or more). The initial effects of Balayam is more like an internal treatment for MPB (more nutrients are entering the capillaries in the follicles, which are preparing the areas for new growth. All of this happens very slowly, of course, so you must be aware of this and be patient. If you are feeling some slight pressure & itching in your balding areas, this is a good enough sign that Balayam is starting to work. Make sure you are using enough pressure with your fingernails (not too much though), and are rubbing at a medium-fast speed, and keeping a steady rhythm for each nail. Rub each nail for at least 2 minutes every time.

    Also, use a gentle, herbal shampoo (anything with rosemary, lavender, nettle, saw palmetto, witch hazel, chamomile, or other beneficial herbs is great). Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate — these will ruin your hair and dry out your scalp, which can aggravate hair loss even more. The scalp is a delicate tissue, so you must take good care of it. You may consider rinsing your hair/scalp with nettle + rosemary to clean and nourish the scalp

    Hope this helps a bit,

  18. @marqueemoon

    hello,i was doin balayam daily(with my index fingers only) for a while(say 2mnths) for around 50 mins and then i started having a hairfall rate like never b4..almost 15-20 hair falling out everytime i touched my head while taking a bath or just touching my head..lately i hav switched 2 baba remdev’s procedure (rubbing all the 8 fingernails together)…so my query is that will this switching do any bad??..and is there any difference between the working of both these processes as the main thing it does is increasing the blood flow in the hair roots??..pls clear my doubts

  19. @Manish

    Some additional info:

    Just as an experiment, try rubbing your two middle fingers together, with medium-hard pressure, for at least 5-10 minutes. The middle fingers seem to be very effective in my experience.

    See if by doing this you can get any of the sensations that I have decribed above.

    Looking forward to reading about your results,

  20. I have been doing balayam since last 2-3 months…..initially hair fall rate got reduced….but now suddenly it has increased alot. Sometimes I also feel itching sensation in my head. Hope Balayam is working for me.

  21. I practise balayam now for 11 months with results. I have normal regrowth hair in my front hair line. Also my alopecia has stopped.

  22. @RG341

    Hi! I’m so glad to hear that you’re having results from this treatment. I wish that it would get more serious consideration rather than being disregarded completely.

    A few standard questions about your balayam practice:
    1. Which method are you using? (Pairing two fingernails at a time, or rubbing all 4 across one another quickly?)
    2. Are you taking any supplements or medicines?
    3. What is your sleep pattern like?
    4. Are you using any herbal products on your hair?
    5. Are you practicing any stress-reducing techniques along with balayam? (yoga/meditation, etc.)
    6. What is your diet like?
    7. What is the climate like where you live? (Is it hot/humid/dry/etc?)
    8. How long do you practice balayam each day?
    9. Whom did you learn about balayam from?
    10. Would you say that you have a high stress level? Any history of depression/anxiety in the last few years?
    11. How often do you wash your hair?

    I am thinking about sending surveys to the balayam users on these message boards and compiling some sort of website/blog that will provide additional information other than (which is fine, but I think it’s good to hear from many different voices about this treatment).
    Thank you!

  23. @MarqueeMoon

    For now I will give you a quick reply. Next week I have more time for answering your questions. I am positive about balayam.

  24. @MarqueeMoon
    Answering your questions:
    1. Pairing two fingernails at a time.
    2. No.
    3. Normal pattern: 8 hours of sleep.
    4. No.
    5. No.
    6. No diet.
    7. Sea climate.
    8. 1 to 1.5 hour a day.
    9. Youtube.
    10.Normal stress level. No.
    11.Twice a week.

  25. Hi,
    I turned 49 years old in August 2010.

    My hair loss is the classic MPB shape.
    I am not fully bald on the top, as i still have growth, but it’s just very thin on the top.

    * My height and weight is 5’7″, 137-140 lbs.

    * I am white skinned with fine, dirty-blonde hair.

    * I have been doing balayam since May 1, 2010.

    * I have been doing a minimum of 1 hour per day. Some days i do it for 2 hours as i watch TV. In both cases, it’s non-stop rubbing.

    * I stopped using finesteride because that prevents hair from falling out – in order for balayam to work, it must make the old hair fall out, so i stopped the finesteride for that purpose.

    * I started doing morning headstands in May for 1 minute and gradually worked my time up to 12 minutes, i do this first thing every morning.

    * I started using an all-natural, organic shampoo in May 2010 from a company called, JASON.

    * I am using cooler hair washing water than i did before.

    * I also started using use Alma hair oil twice a week since June 2010. But i forget sometimes so let’s say once per month, to be fair.

    * I do daily cardio exercise.

    * I have been a vegan since November 2009.

    * I don’t smoke cigarettes since 3 years, nor did i ever drink alcohol. However, i do smoke pot everyday (without tobacco) but only the leaves – not the flowers/buds – so it’s pretty weak (mild effects) to say the least.

    * I get 6 – 7 hours sleep per night but i am in bed by 12 midnight most nights, sometimes 1:00 AM. (I will try sleeping earlier.)

    * The style of balayam i do is the technique where i curl all my fingers towards the palm and then i rub all four fingernails of one hand against the 4 nails on my other hand -the right nails rub the left hand nails.

    Results after 4 months so far: (now it’s August 29, 2010)
    * I have not seen any results so far.

    * I’ve noticed that my hair is falling out again when i brush and that could be because i stopped using the finesteride.

    *I have just as much hair now as when i began balayam.

    I have made a short video of the top of my head in May 2010 as a starting reference point. I will show the May 2010 video when i see noticable results in about a year.
    In youtube my channel name is robbiedaug and that is where i will place my May 2010 starting video ONLY when/if i see results with balayam. At the same time i will upload my results video so people can compare. I decided to use a video instead of photos because people can claim photos can be retouched. Videos can’t be retouched by regular folks.


  26. That is dedication Robbie,I hope you will succeed I will take a video of myself also starting today august 6th 2010,Will also post if it works.

  27. So for those who advocate balayam… is it preferable to do it standing up or sitting down? How about laying down? Should the time spent on all fingers be equal?

    I would love some input on this? Thanks in advance.

  28. @Jack White

    Mostly I practice balayam sitting down, but you also can do it standing or laying down. I practice balayam like in the video of balayam1 on YouTube: index finger with index finger and so on with the other fingers. I want to say to you that everyone responds to balayam in their own way. I have results after a year of practicing balayam but so far I don’t have all my hair back.

  29. I started doing Balayam about 2 and a half months ago. After about 1-2 weeks in, my hairloss (which wasn’t much in the first place, I still had thick hair but was receding along the temples) almost completely stopped.

    But after about one month of Balayam, unfortunately, I had a bout of malaria because of which I lost quite a bit of hair due to my medication. Even so, I didn’t exactly have much hair fall or anything. So I started doing Balayam again from scratch… hairfall stopped again, just like it did the first time.

    I continued with this for one month and then suddenly, and I mean suddenly (lol), my hairloss went up like never before. It started last week and has been going on since then. HOWEVER, most of the hair which falls out appear to be weak rooted hair and when I run my hand through my hair it feels significantly healthier.

    I suppose that this is just the start of the shedding phase for me… my case is almost exactly like jose’s. Let’s see how it turns out. I’m going to post feedback after 3 weeks.

  30. Feedback after 2 days. Hairloss is increasing day by day… I’m starting to lose hair even from parts where there was absolutely no problem before, such as the back of my head and even the sides, near the ears, where there should be no hairfall at all. So to speak, I’m losing hair from every part of my head.
    I’m seriously now considering whether I should continue doing this. I’ve lost a significant amount of hair in just 2 days… a 10 second run-through with both hands I see 30-40 fallen hair when before I could hardly see 3-4 even after vigorous rubbing. I’m guessing I’m losing 300+ a day. Mine was well under 40 a day before I started this lol… no clue what to do now.

    Is this really the shedding phase? How long is it going to last? if it does go on like this for even 2 weeks then that’s catastrophic!

  31. What I’m implying, is that what if my natural hair recession pattern would in fact have been slower than losing out all my hair because of shedding and then trying to get it back which would take a year before I even start to see results. My hair was A-ok in comparison to how it is now, but it is still much better than many cases. It doesn’t look like a balding pattern, rather looks like a large forehead to a person who hasn’t really noticed hairlines like all of us do.

  32. @Indrajit
    It is normal that you lose between 50 and 100 hair a day but they have to regrow. I never had such an experience like you of losing so much hair. So I cannot give you a proper answer of this problem.

  33. In his recent video, SK himself, as can be seen, has lost a lot of hair. It looks a lot worse than it was before. If the person who taught us this technique himself hasn’t seen ANY result, what hope do the rest of us have. False assurance will do a lot more harm than the truth.
    The person (SK) who said that hair can be regrown even in those areas where hair was completely gone has now completely lost hair even in those areas where he previously had hair.

    And what a ridiculous reason… he says that this particular humid season causes hairfall and everything will be okay by November 15. November 15 is when SK promised to put up pics… and I have no clue how he’s going to grow back 25% of his hair in 1 month.
    You can check ‘balayam1’ channel on youtube for SK’s latest video.

  34. I am of the strong opinion that this technique is only effective if you are following a proper physical regimen; that is:
    Sleep and wake early
    Eat properly (anti-inflammatory, vegetarian foods; multivitamins)
    Take an herbal DHT supplement (I use Saw Palmetto, Nettle Leaf, and drink 3-4 cups of green tea daily)
    Lots of exercise (especially that which increases circulation in the head, especially Yoga)

    If you are not feeling a strong “pump” of blood in your head, then Balayam is not effective yet. You must make the necessary (ESPECIALLY sleeping before midnight and waking before 7 am).
    I have found that after making all of these lifestyle adjustments (the most important being an early sleep schedule and doing vigorous Yoga/Pranayama every day), whenever I rub my nails I consistently feel a strong rush of blood to my head within minutes; like the pressure in my scalp has been turned up; and this effect remains more or less all day long.

    From the looks of his result, SK is not an ideal practitioner; he just happens to have spread word of Balayam very enthusiastically, without much proper elaboration or research on the technique itself. Because it is a very specific Yoga technique, and Yoga requires a holistic approach in order to be effective, I don’t think that SK is the best example. However, this is not to say that Balayam is therefore a fraud; much to the contrary. I would say follow Swami Ramdev’s instructions instead; he has been practicing Yoga/Pranayama/Ayurveda for decades, and his videos/books provide a much more comprehensive and scientifically verified approach to Yoga, which will ultimately make Balayam far more effective, with tangible results. This is a controversial statement, but retention of the semen (not masturbating or ejaculating), coupled with a rigorous Yoga/Pranayama practice, will re-stabilize the male hormones in such a way as to promote hair regrowth. Believe it or not, your choice.

    Just thought this may be encouraging to some degree.


  35. Hi….my age is 27….I m doing balayam around 1 hr. a day since last 4 months. I have also started doing the following since the last 1 month:
    1. Shirshashan for 2 minutes in morning (I m trying to increase the time)
    2. Kapalbhati pranayam for 10 minutes in morning (I m trying to increase the time)
    3. Eat 4-5 soaked almonds & small quantity of sprouted beans in the morning
    4. Wash my hair with herbal shampoo thrice a week
    5. Gentle massage with sweet almond oil on my hair twice a week before sleep
    6. Drink 1 glass of normal milk before i sleep
    7. Take sleep from 11:00-6:30

    My observations are…

    Initially my hair fall rate got reduced but after around 15 days i observed a exponential rise in hair fall rate..i dont know…may be due to balayam shedding phase or due to humid season. after around 3 months of rigorous hair fall now my hair fall rate has been reduced……again….i dont know whether because of balayam shedding phase is over or because of the end of humid season….However when i see side ways of my forehead very carefully i c some very tiny hair on the portion where i had already lost my hair. I wanted to c my temple also but it is not possible for me to find tiny hair on that area if there are any. Anyways it is too early to say anything now. But i have started to feel positive about balayam. If i become sure about balayam I ll come back.

    @MarqueeMoon if you are having any suggestions for me…i’ll be happy to receive.

  36. @SM234:

    Keep up the routine every day.
    Cut your hair really short so that you don’t become overly obsessed with results too soon (especially if you have seasonal shedding).
    *Useful tip #1 —
    ** Right after getting up in the morning:
    1. Drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with water
    2. Eat 1 tablespoon/small handful of White Sesame Seeds

    Try to take one meal a day which includes each of the following:
    – 1/2 cup to 1 cup boiled/steamed Kale (or other dark, leafy green vegetable)
    – 1/2 raw red pepper
    – 1/2 cup to 1 cup Soy-based food (tofu, tempeh, or boiled soybeans)
    – 1/2 cup raw, peeled cucumber
    – A handful of raw (not roasted, unsalted) Pumpkin Seeds
    – One cup Green Tea (drink 3 cups a day)

    *Useful tip #2
    – Continue and increase your Yoga, Pranayam, and Balayam
    – Try to reduce or avoid your ejaculations (Reduce or stop masturbating to normalize testosterone/DHT levels)
    – Perhaps take a capsule of Saw Palmetto (500 mg) and Nettle Leaf (500 mg) daily. Also consider a quality multivitamin.

    *Useful tip #3
    Always BOIL your milk, and be sure to boil it with 1/2 tsp. of Turmeric Powder. If possible, use RAW milk, or organic whole milk. (Add Turmeric as the milk starts to get warm, keep mixing until it turns golden yellow and boils). When it boils, turn the heat low and simmer for 5 minutes. Do not drink it cold. Cold milk will fuck up your digestion.

    *Useful tip #4
    -Eat more fresh fruits in the morning, and try to eat one piece of fruit after your meals.
    – Try to increase fresh vegetables (especially greens), eat boiled eggs a couple times a week, AVOID red meat like the plague, eat fresh fish a couple times a week, and reduce or avoid poultry (chicken, etc).
    – Eat more nuts/seeds (*pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, *sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts).
    – Drink more water
    * Reduce or avoid coffee
    * Avoid alcohol

    Any other questions?

  37. @MarqueeMoon
    Thanks for your advice. I just thought of quitting balayam five minutes ago but after reading SM234’s comments, I see that his case is more or less similar to mine. Since you do report success, may I ask what your age is and how bad is your/was your hairloss? Is it just a receding hairline like it was for me initially? How was it, exactly?
    And off topic, which place are you from? :)

  38. Also, I do workout… I don’t take any kind of supplements or anything but I’ve been working out for some time now but this only started recently… in fact, I used to do gym training before but this hairfall started when I had absolutely no exercise due to personal reasons. I have started doing pushups and other such exercises with hopes to get some blood circulation going.
    Heavy gym training releases testosterone, but I never experienced hairloss when I was working out.

    That said, I think I better practice Ramdev’s technique of all four fingers, get my sleep back on track and just forget about this and let the rubbing do the work?

  39. @Indrajit,

    1. I am almost 22, male, living in the New York area in the U.S.
    My hair loss up until the past half year was a general thinning and very slightly receding at the temples. It is now back to basically the same thickness and hairline shape as it was when I was 12 or 13. I attribute my past thinning to a combination of genetics, bad sleep, bad circulation, hormone imbalance (frequent ejaculations, DHT accumulation), and low thyroid (due to bad nutrient absorption and stress), and depression. A quick and sure combination for hair loss.

    2. I also used to do a lot of weightlifting but in the past year have switched over completely to Ashtanga Yoga. It gives an even better muscle-toning & cardio exercise, while at the same time balancing the endocrine (gland) system instead of overstressing it, as weight training does. I could not think of any better way to work out. Ashtanga Yoga takes a few months to develop strength & flexibility, but your body will impress you in a few months and you will probably want to continue. It will just feel better. Also, it’s not as exhausting as weight training. Ashtanga develops strength through patience and grace, while weight training develops a kind of momentary strength while also turning you into a sort of volatile testosterone factory.

    I dunno, just my personal preferences.

    Also, try Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock Ginseng Biotin Shampoo — it’s awesome, but slightly expensive ($9.50 for an 8-oz. bottle).


  40. @Indrajit

    Try both methods of Balayam. The one that works for me is to do a pair of fingers (usually my middle fingers), and to rub with hard pressure for 5 minutes, which almost always has an immediate “pump” effect in the scalp.


  41. @ Indrajit

    Sorry to keep adding posts…
    I usually do the paired-finger method for at least 5 minutes before I start to feel its effects, and continue for as long as my hands are free. I usually do it in 15 minute sittings, and sometimes for longer periods if I am in a lecture, sitting on the bus, watching a movie, etc. It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore because I have made it into a habit. People sometimes ask my why I’m rubbing my nails together, and I just tell them it’s a little nervous habit or something. =p
    To be honest, I still have some small degree of skepticism as to whether or not Balayam is what’s making my hair better, but I’m at a loss for excuses when I start rubbing and feel my scalp start to fill up with blood. So, I think in my case it is more or less “proven”, for me anyway.

    Best wishes,

  42. @MarqueeMoon
    “My hair loss up until the past half year was a general thinning and very slightly receding at the temples. ”

    That was exactly how it was for me before I started doing Balayam and this shedding phase (I hope) began. But I think that there may have been other reasons – like post-trauma (malaria in my case) side effects like hairfall. They said that it normally occurs 2-3 months after the trauma in a malaria website. Also the medication I took for malaria – chloroquin and primaquin is known to cause hairloss.

    So I don’t know which one caused my hair loss. If it was because of the malarial medication, then I hope it grows back. I would want to get a juvenile hairline again just like you did.
    Currently, all of my habits are way off because of sleeping late and waking up early. I’m going to change that now. All of my other habits are fine. Also, baldness is in my genetics but I won’t accept that and do nothing about it. :\
    Nothing to lose anyway… I’ll just keep practicing Balayam and a healthy lifestyle and do Ashtanga Yoga as you said.

    Also, I hadn’t mentioned my age before – I’m 18.

    “Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock Ginseng Biotin Shampoo”

    I’m from India so I don’t think I’d be able to get that here… let’s see if I can find some kind of alternative. At the moment I’m using Head and Shoulders.

    P. S: I’ve never felt the headrush when I do Balayam like you did (or very barely noticeable).What does that mean?
    And if you could, could you send me your email id to
    I’d like to ask a few questions from someone who’s had such impressive results. Hope you don’t mind, and thanks a ton for the continuous feedback.

  43. @anel:

    If you are married, obviously I am not suggesting that you stop having sex with your wife. That would be silly.
    However, it is a good idea to lessen your ejaculations in order for a tangible hormone balance to take effect. Sexual activity and ejaculation have a profound effect on the male endocrine system, and over-ejaculation will result in overall exhaustion, nutrient loss, mental and psychological sluggishness, irritability, and ultimately, some degree of hair loss. I would suggest limiting ejaculation to once a week, if possible.
    Also, there are Tantric and Taoist practices for learning how to have an orgasm without ejaculating (it is based on controlling the pelvic muscles in such a way as to prolong sex and keep the semen circulating through the body instead of being thrust out). You can find this information on the internet.

    I am only giving out the information that has had a clear benefit for myself and for many people over thousands of years, however, this is not a dogma that you must follow. Please use your best judgment and see what works for you, and hopefully my sugestions will offer some benefit to your situation.
    I realize that some of my advice may be inconvenient to follow (especially since I have chosen to be a celibate Yogi, and I am not in the same position as many other people). That said, I am nonetheless a working person and I still manage to make time to include all of these Yogic practices into my daily life.

    Wish you good health,

  44. @anel

    Are you having any itching/tingling sensations at all on your scalp? After 3 months you should at least be feeling something. Please read the above article.

  45. @MarqueeMoon

    I am in New York and I have experienced significant hair loss (due to life style & jaundince medications). Recently while researching on internet I found out that I may also be having Seboherric Dermatitis (dandruff) and Rosacea. I would like to correct myself and go back to my normal skin and hair. Can you please share your pics with us to see the effects of Balayam?

  46. @MarqueeMoon

    Hi I m back with update. I m regularly practicing Balayam along with sapta kriya. Now itching/tingling sensation in my head is increasing day by day. Earlier when i used to do balayam itching sensation would not occur all the time but now i can feel sensation most of the time i do balayam. I feel maximum sensation in the evening.
    I noticed from your comments that you have also passed through similar phase. My question for you is that after how many months of starting of itching you had observed substantial visible hair growth.

  47. @SM234:

    Good! Keep going. Also, do Pranayama (kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, and a few breath retentions [taking a very deep breath, filling the lungs completely, and holding the breath for as long as you can, then breathing out completely]). This will amplify the effects of balayam by an overall increase in circulation (will normalize blood pressure, but DON’T do this if you have high blood pressure).

    Think: If Balayam causes the tiny capillaries of the scalp to fill with blood, and Pranayama causes the whole body’s blood circulation to increase and flood the body with energy/nutrients, then you will have a much bigger rush of energy to your scalp as well, as opposed to just rubbing the nails and getting a little bit of extra blood in there… Pranayama truly helps if practiced every day.
    Just my practice experience.


  48. Feedback: My hairfall seems to have lessened by about 35-50% but still no tingling/itching or any kind of sensation whatsoever when I do Balayam. How many days/weeks/months did you have to do Balayam before you started noticing the bloodrush to your head?

  49. @Indrajit:

    As I have stated already, you MUST practice Pranayam in conjunction with Balayam in order to feel a significant increase in circulation to the head. (10-15 mins Kapalbhati pranayam, 10-15 mins Anulom-vilom pranayam, every morning).
    Balayam will work if you help it along with pranayam, and even better if you do 5 mins of shirshasana (shoulder stand) in the morning after showering, washing your hair, etc.
    Also Sleep before midnight and wake up around 6am or 7am.
    Rubbing your nails is useless unless you also do the things that I have mentioned above, many times already.
    Balayam + Pranayam/yogasana + Right diet + Right sleep schedule = Better hair. It will take as long as it has to take, because each case of hair loss is individual. I would say follow my advice for at least a two months and see the results for yourself.
    But again, ONLY rubbing your nails will only be a partial treatment. Please see what I have already written above.


  50. @SM234:

    I noticed thicker hair and a very minimal/normal rate of hairfall after about 7 months of Balayam PLUS Pranayam PLUS consistently eating a good diet.
    You have to do all these things together. Balayam is a part of yoga, and yoga is a system; you can’t just take one exercise out of a system and assume that you’ll get the same effect as practicing the whole system. It really is not that much work. 15-20 mins yoga postures, 30 mins pranayam, nail rubbing whenever your hands are free. Not that difficult to eat healthier food and drink a few cups of green tea throughout the day, either.


  51. MarqueeMoon Your input and insight are remarkable and you give a 6-month devotee like myself (56 and male)the encouragement not only to continue and improve on a pleasing reappearance of some hair but to do so with greater reassurance. I wish you well. Again your advice is not only pertinent and knowledgeable but deeply appreciated.

  52. starting balayam+healthy diet+sleeping well+other yoga activities listed above…if I get results then I’ll surely get back here….
    P.S: is not working btw.

  53. @MarqueeMoon

    Definitely it is not that difficult to do balayam alongwith sapta kriya as it seems. Once it comes to habit it becomes very easy thing to do. I m positive about balayam but even if new growth doesn’t happen it will lead to numerous health benefits & present hair condition will be improved.

  54. @MM
    It’s been a week since I’ve started doing Pranayam every day now. I do Yoga about twice a week. I take two cups of green tea a day and I resumed my exercise. (gym training)

    And I must say, I feel a huge difference in my overall energy levels and health, on the whole. And this is being reflected in my hair and skin as well. My hair fall is reducing now. Just so that I stop checking the back of my shirt for hair every now and then, I decided to get a machine cut (about 5 mm hair) and follow the Saptakriya routine.
    The Saptakriya routine is proving to be much more effective than Balayam for me.
    Again, thanks for the support. :)

  55. Hi All,

    New Year wishes,

    I read the post end to end today and it really has given me an inspiration to work on my hair. I had surely resigned to my fate and accepted that if u have male pattern baldness only transplantation can help u. I really must say this post has given me the mental boost up that is required to make a change in my lifetsyle and keep it that way. I am 25 yrs old and have genetic baldness and the hair on the front part of my head is almost completely lost(80%). @marqueemoon ur comments have really been insightful and thanks a zillion.

    So bottomline:
    5 mins sirshasana + 30 mins pranayama + 15 mins of nail rubbing will give me hair in 6-7 mths approx.

    Also I sport a bald look coz i think that having a few hairs here n there looks even worse, i hope this is not counterproductive.

    Any suggestions would be of immense help.


  56. Hi Ayan and Readers
    Do shirsasana 3-5 min in morning
    Pranayam -30 min
    Balayam 15 min x 4 to 5 time. Daily
    Take amla juice 30 – 40 ml with same qty of water in morning
    Take walnut 3 -4 piece daily

  57. Hi anel thanks for the heads up 😉
    I have started al f those 4 1 week n i really feel grt abt it…
    I am just curious that after following yogasanas n balayama n pranayama
    will my head be full f hair r will there b just a partial recovery….ny wrd abt d timeline
    also i m a mild smoker 2-max 3 cigs a day….i know its a real shitty habit bt d ppl i stay with r chainers n i have drastically cut my smokin for 6 mths…
    will smokin this much adversely affect d growth of new hairs….

  58. Hi Ayan
    If you want your head full of hair, stop smoking completely.
    Otherwise your all effort will be waste.
    you do all balayam + pranayam + shirsasana + nutrisous food.
    always be positive . you will surely regrow hair.

  59. Hi anel,

    Thanks for the quick reply….
    gosh is it that bad that even smoking a couple of cigs a day will undermine all my efforts….
    and anel u too have benefitted from the routine??

  60. @anel:

    from a yogi’s perspective:
    reducing ejaculations means that your body does not need to regenerate your testosterone/dht as often, which means a lower overall level of detrimental male hormones. Constant or excessive ejaculation means that you are aggravating your hormone cycle more often, which will throw your body out of whack in the long term. However, it is up to you to decide what is a healthy moderation for you. I would suggest not ejaculating more than once a week (I personally do not mastrbate and have sex very infrequently, but I am a devoted yoga practitioner; I realize that this attitude is not for everyone). In my opinion, it is better to observe restraint and feel the true pleasures of body/mind balance, rather than overindulging and feeling the effects of a screwed up hormone system. In my experience, abstaining will definitely lead to many physical benefits if you are replacing masturbation with a pleasurable yoga routine. Better hair will surely result over time, among a myriad of other benefits.

  61. MM In how long time you started regrowing hairs. I do shirsasana for 3-4 min in morning. Is it good or should increase time. i do balayam 20 min x 4 times.

  62. i am doing nail rubbing from last three months and I did’nt seen much results, i am not seeing much hair fall, but I am facing hair loss, is this the same situation with anybody else here. in how much time I would start seeing some results.

  63. 1 month into the program quit smoking completely doin pranayama and shirsasana n nail rubbin’ no discernible results yet bt i m positive….

  64. My hair loss has completely stopped now. :)
    That’s great, but I did that 90% because of exercise, healthy diet, etc.

    I want to regrow hair on my temples now where it’s completely shiny, and which occurred due to MPB. Is that possible?

  65. Well, I attribute my results to a healthy diet and exercise mainly. I did only 15 mins of Balayam everyday, not much.

    However, I now want to regrow the hair on my temples so I’m going to start doing atleast 30 mins everyday now.

  66. HI all,

    2 months into the program feeling good overall but not much to say in the hair front. As it is said that it will take 6-7 months to see some changes, so I dont expect much now i’m just doin my karma not worryin’ abt the fruit :) so to say.:):) wil have to sleep timely, it always gets past 1 :@ , 15-30 mins balayam 45 mins pranayam n 4-5 mns shirsasana. If u notice the guy’s head at the top of this page i keep it like that (d raghu look, weekly trimming)so until some roots come to the fore i wont b able to ‘spot the difference’ , i will keep u guys posted in case anything kicks in…

    I saw a guy with a head full f hair in aastha channel speakin to ramdev baba, he was sayin that he was mostly bald n he did pranyama for 9 mths, no details as u know only a short slice of time is provided,I dont know if it was staged but if dats true den its truly remarkable.

    @indrajit–>kudos dude keep up d gud wrk, n how long has it been since u r doin the routine.

  67. I am 20 yrs old & suffering frm Male baldness since past 3-3.5 yrs.As of now ‘m in the stage “IV” as shown in Male baldness chart.I hv heard that Balayam, Pranayam & Sapta Kriya can cure baldness completely.But I hv seen many pics where people hv regrown new hair on their forehead(at the crown area) as they were having other type of hairloss like Androgenic areata using some medicines & all that stuff,but hvn’t seen anyone has cured their bald temples(two sides of forehead).I hv bald patch on two temples.So,jz wanted to kno has anyone tried Balayam & does that work?Does that cure Androgenic alopecia(Male baldness)?Can I regrow new hair on both the sides of my forehead?Can I hv my head full of hair Like it was b4?Can I regain each n every lost hair? n my main ques.would be,
    Also if there is any blog or community to discuss about Male Baldness,plz let me know the same.Also plz let me know ur e-mail too,if you wanna discuss about hairloss.I wanna listen to people who hv been benefited by Balayam.I wanna see my head full of hair.Sum1 plz help me.I m truly tired of being bald & want to get cured as early possible.

  68. Hi Ayan,
    This is Abhay,’m also suffering frm Male baldness.Dude plz do me a favour, if possible,get that video of Aastha channel where that guy got benefited frm Pranayam & Balayam.Dude ‘m truly tired of being bald n now ‘m gonna take some action.I wanna regain my hair in natural manner.So, plz if possible get that video for me.
    Waiting for ur reply.

  69. Rahul,Indrajit & Ayan guys,’m Abhay n ‘m new over here.’m also suffering frm MB.Guys need to discuss a lot with u.Plz reply to this msg.I also wanna follow Pranayam,Balayam n Sapt Kriya.Plz let me know any imp info.about MBP u know.
    Waiting for ur reply.

  70. Rahul,Indrajit,Ayan & ALL YOU guys,waiting for ur reply.Wanna discuss a lot with u,as I think the time has come where I also shud take sum action to cure my bald temples.
    Plz guys,whenever u guys wl visit this blog,leave a msg for me & if possible provide me any of ur contact info.If any1 wanna discuss about MB or share their experience,plz mail me @


  71. it is clear from everything that all of you have posted that this technique does have an effect on hair growth, and apparently over all circulation to the head. from my personal experience with natural medications, i would say that you have to be careful w whats in your blood before you get it circulating heavily through your scalp, since it is likely that it is the toxins and dht that causes this to begin with. I would say alcohol is terrible for hair, so quit it altogether if you want hair. cocaine and other methanphetamines, terrible as well. i doubt that eating a lot of meat and other “junk food” helps any and even masturbation, as someone has pointed out, can cause an imbalance of testosterone. I have been taking herbal medicines w saw palmetto and zhe shou wu with some success but not as much as i’d like. im also using the x5 hair laser (LLLT) it seems that the hair towards the back of my head is definitly thicker and fuller, but i am constantly losing hair not necessarily at the temples but about an inch above them on both sides, leaving me w a funny 2inch stretch of hair on top of my head. recently i’ve turned back to cutting red meat and poultry, sticking to fish for now, but i plan to go at least vegetarian soon. i have also gone back to “hot yoga” which is 1 1/2 hours of sweating intensily. i’ve heard that an all fruit and vegetable diet might help, but it is hard to do. i think supplementing with protein is also important. i’ll start trying this method as well, and hopefully ive detoxed enough so that it wont make more hair fall out as apparently some of you have experienced, although it could be that thats just part of it. very interesting overall these posts, and there seems to be little doubt that this does something, but how do we get it just right? growing hair shouldnt be so difficult, theres gotta be something very common happening here, or a combination… alcohol, drugs, too much sugar, not enough exercise…maybe that combined w testosterone = hairloss, because it definitly seems like estrogen keeps it growing normally. I’m 31 and my hairloss is progressing a little too much for my liking.. seems like every second and every decision counts – good luck! and to those regrowing hair successfully… suggestions? ive also been noticing that most professional soccer players seems to have a full head of hair…constant exercise and therefore full circulation? just a thought, as it seems most methods revolve around circulation.

  72. Hey everybody.
    I am 21 years old and I am from India. I have been doing Yoga since 7 years and I have personally experienced its benefits. What M.M. is saying here is definitely worthy to listen and very beneficial. I stumbled on this site just yesterday and after reading all the reviews, I found it really encouraging.

    My hairline started reducing about 5 years back, but i have lost hair a bit on the side only, mainly because i kept shaving my head for about 2 years. But now I have decided to grow back my hair. I follow most of the major advices given above except pranayam and balayam which I have started now.

    But some theories say that DHT alone is not the reason for hair fall, Galea also plays a major role. People like Tom Haggerty and Maliniak have combined the two theories and I found them logical. M.M., what do you think about it?

    For Indians(Indrajit,etc) can I find Saw palmetto in India(Raipur) anywhere?

  73. Hey Indrajit.
    My case resembles yours both in MPB and exercise routines. What do you think of the galea theory?

  74. Hi all,

    Posting after some time…last month’s been hectic…xams n all so no pranayam for about 15-20 days or so also accompanied by a lot f smokin’….quit again….just started all d gud things a week back….@abhay–>I too have bald patches on my temples n m suffering frm mpb..however i have started doing pranayama n shirsasna as well as nail rubbing (20-30 mins a day)for approx 3 months now…but d sad part is dat things have not yet kicked in right now….however as pointed out earlier in dis blog by MM n others it takes time n a lot f patience to reverse the process f balding internally…i regularly watched aastha channel some time back n i saw a lot f ppl who told dat they had gone major bald n after abt 9-12 mths of pranayam dey hav regained their locks….so i wud suggest u to keep things simple have faith in d process n do it regularly dats d only best shot u can give…i wud rather take my chances with baba ramdev’s advice than some money hungry skin specialists…n i m +ve that results will show…i hope u start it from tomorrow n dats goin to take some mental prep if u r not getting up early types…n i m sure u wud start 2 like it in a month or so…watch aastha 4 regular mental boosts…hope it helps
    gud luk…

  75. hahahahaha. this is funny

    This Rassman guy is so threatened by this free cure that he decided to make a web page for it? I think it speaks for itself that Balayam works.

  76. What’s funny is that people believe finger rubbing cures hair loss. This post was from over 2 years ago, so I’d love to see some before and after photos of people that have been rubbing their fingers for the past couple of years.

  77. Rassman:

    why did you delete my last comment? are you afraid? that is not fair.

    people should know your false pretense and money making scam!

  78. No comment was deleted. Perhaps you should try not using different names when commenting to give people a false impression.

    Continue rubbing your fingers together. I’m providing a forum for you guys to discuss it. Good luck!

  79. I have been losing hair from whole body, but I dont have any symptoms like alopecia, I went many doctors but they said that there is no abnormality and they said me that dont worry, but I’m losing my hair from whole body(means dicreasing hair density but I dont have abnormal symptoms, Will balayam work for me? please let me know the details. Thanks in advance.

  80. heh Its free doesn’t hurt to give it a try. If it works, awesome if it doesn’t, hey it didn’t cost me anything.

  81. Dear S K, memorychrome,

    I am very much impressed with this technique. Yes if it dont work for everyone, then also there is nothing to loose in giving a try.

    Could some1 (for whom it worked) pls answer my below questions?

    1. Does this work for Male Pattern Baldness due to heredity?
    2. If due to balayam if i start loosing some hair initially due to shedding phase, does it mean that it is working on me and i will be able to regrow new hair for sure with this technique?

    If its yes for these questions, I will defititely try on this one…

  82. Sir I Am 19 yrs old . I ve receding hairline . I am practising Balayam for nearly 2 months now . I ve had considerable improvement in my right part of the forehead while my left remains the same having the bald patch . Is there a specific way to improve the left part ? Should i need to keep short hair for balayam to be effective. I do balayam for 3 times a day.

  83. Right from the Beginning I feel improvement only in my right side while the left side has that patch. I am not bald but i have a receding hairline and i wish to have a correct hairline . Due to this left side, I speak with people only if they re on my right side :). Pls help me guys

  84. my legitimate comment got deleted . ALl i asked was if i needed to do anything to improve my left forehead alone . I have receding hairline

  85. Hi,

    I watched the video but i am confused how to rub fingers, i watched again and again but unable to figure out, could anybody help me.

    Let me explain.I put my first left finger on my right hand thumb but need to how how can i rub. can i rub horizontally my right hand finger over left hand finger or i do vertically.

    please help

  86. its been 8 months of balayam for me

    Still have hair fall ,,, 2-3 hair fall when i comb my hair

    But i have seen tiny hairs in my shiny temple regions seems its working

  87. I am going gym since a year and recently since 3-4 months i have started consuming supplements. Now since last month i have started noticing hair loss while washing my scalp or even while oiling. Please Suggest

  88. Facing genetic hairloss for about 11 years. My age is 26.
    Nowadays taking homeopathic medicine and got no result. It has been 2.5 months since I’m taking the medicine.
    Now I will hit the yoga techniques and rubbing all four fingernails daily as it is being told here. I will keep you all updated my status.


  89. hi my age is 33 i have little bit baldhead at middle, now i want to get my hair back, balayam will help me to hair regrowth on baldhead with in one year?

  90. I dont know what happend in these 9 months.My hairfall has gone down to zero.I comb my hair vigorously and I am surprised to find that hardly 0,1 or 2 hair in the comb.I am sure balayam has surely stopped my hair loss.The problem that still persists is that my hair still has a pretty thin appearance when I grow them long.It looks voluminous when I keep them short.
    Also the hair that disappeared from the temples has not yet come back.I see a slight(almost negligible) improvement in the hairline,but when I pull my hair back,I get disappointed.I will continue doing balayam for 3 more months before resorting to any medications to grow temple hair.I would be extremely thankfull to SK if I get my temple hair back.

  91. Hi all. I’m from Malaysia. My hair started to loss in a big amount when I was 16(due to Androgenic Alopecia). I’m now 18. I was hopeless until I came across this technique. I’m really surprised when my hair loss has reduced a lots. There is not even a hair on my pillow now. So here is my message to you all, balayam works for me. Keep doing it until you see the result!

  92. hi,i have been doing balayam for 1 month(1 hour daily).
    initially my hairfall almost stopped.
    but now i am losing lot of hairs everyday .
    i am worried about this.
    please give me sugessions.
    i need your help ..
    please please

  93. I have been doing Balayam from last 25 days and experencing excessive shedding ALso sometime i feel little tickling is it a good sign ?

    Also i have oily scalp and dandruff what else do i have to do to get rid of it. Thanks for your help

  94. My hairfall has reduced from earlier and i am gaining confidence now, i think my shedding phase is over i will continue Balayam and hoping for good results

  95. I lost most of my hair in the middle of the scalp region. I still have good amount of hair at my temples. I have been practicing balayam from the last 2 months… I can see tiny hair coming arousing at the beginning of the hairline. But there is no improvement in the middle of scalp. I am doing balayam 15 min in the morning and 15 min the evening..
    Why I’m not getting new hair on my scalp??

  96. i have lost 80% of my scalp is totally visible. i have started balayam from last month.. still hair fall not reduced.will it work for me?

  97. I am currently working on getting my hairs back on my head with substantial hair lost on top and with crown almost bald.

    While doing lot of study I think all of this ancient methods, tools etc are quite effective. However to get reliability to all of this and get fast result first and foremost step need to be in place.

    This first and foremost step is clean up your body of all toxic waste (all things which are not useful for our body but body is not able to take them out since our system is not designed for it and yet we intake that hence all messed up system of ours).

    This toxic waste is main culprit leading to all of this problems or diseases, directly and indirectly.

    Way to clean up body involves two steps.
    Probably most would find it too difficult, but would show tremendous results whoever is willing to try.

    1. Change to raw food diet (at least 75% of intake) and reduce cook food to less than 25% of your daily diet. For removing already present toxic waste in your body, there are other non natural ways also to clean up your body of accumulated waster in body.

    2. Do all others things like exercise, yoga, sleep well etc. and Balayam etc. to improve your effectiveness and faster results.

    On this first step I have been able to get tremendous results in overall improvements in many aspects of my health and now am more confident that it would allow me to get to this obstacle of baldness issue.

    Wish you all the best for your problems.

    I will be working on with all ideas, tools, techniques mentioned here and will write my experience and result later on.

  98. Hi im doing this since 5 moths with 8 fingers, but hairs are falling like before but im getting tingling sensation in my scalp….sensation is not all over the scalp but some areas only, why?
    When hairfall is completely stops and when ll hairs are regrowing?

  99. Is there any difference in effect of the two methods i.e pairing two fingernails at a time, or rubbing all 4 across one another.
    If I choose pairing two fingers at a time, then am I suppose to pair and rub all the four fingers one by one, or rubbing only one pair of fingers will be sufficient.

  100. Hi all,
    I am a 23 year old guy, I am also suffering from hair loss. I am at stage 2 of MPB table. My hairloss is at crown and not in front part. I used to wear helmet for more than 2 hours.
    So to cure hair loss and regrow it,I started practicing nail rubbing exercise(rubbing all 4 across one another)and its one month now.When i comb at morning ,I could see some hairs in my comb and i also feel itching at head. I am also taking two Amla’s daily.I am applying sesame oil(I am also thinking to use Ashwini hair oil) and wash my hair twice a week. I didn’t lose my single hair one year ago.I have curl hair.

    Please suggest me to recover for hair loss.

  101. Hi all
    What do you think of my method.
    Is a orange just as good as a lemon?

    I’ve been doing it for about 2 mouths now hair line I’m getting a slight baby hairs and hairs growing back from where there was no hair.
    My Method.
    AM Wake Up at 5:00AM – 5:40Am
    – empty bowls
    – morning run for 30mins
    – lemon juice mix with water. (however I have no started just cutting up a fresh orange rather than a lemon because lemon’s are not very good for the teeth.
    – breathing exercises for 10mins.
    – mountain yoga pose and other yoga poses for 3-5min.
    – head stand yoga pose for 10mins.
    – I rub my nails for 15mins 4 times a day am, before breakfast, lunch time and before dinner. Right hand rubbing left, four fingers at a time. Focusing rub on the lower nail bed.

    My diet is very heathy high in proteins. Lots of water during the day 4L and green tea after meals with fruit.

    I cycle 24ks per day. I exercise a lot too with yoga poses after I have reduced my weight training because it will encourage higher DHT levels.

    PM (night time)
    – 15min rub before dinner
    – almond oil lightly massaged into scalpel area
    – golden soy milk with pepper and almond oil
    – sleep for 7.5 hrs

    I wash my hair each with cold water (in this order) with cold water, apple cider vinegar (yeast is very good for the scale PH level), organic conditioner with almond and mint extras.

    What do you think?

    How is your method going and the results?

  102. Dear MM & fellow hair losers,

    I am 26 yo indian male. I have been suffering from hair loss for the past 3 years. I attribute this towards poor diet, stress, excessive smoking and washing hair with hot water (I was abroad for the past 3 years and that’s where I began to notice considerable hair loss). Analyzing my situation further, i also think excessive use of hair gel and wearing skull cap aggravated my hair loss.

    I pretty much tried every solution in the book. (except propecia and rogaine, as these do more harm than good; moreover you must take these for life; therefore i did not take these). I have spent a fortune on these medications.

    I first came across Balayam on youtube and cross checked thiws ancient technique with Baba Ramdev. Apparently I was told and found out that many bald/thinning heads have benefited immensely from this technique.

    I have been doing balayam for the past 5 months. Hair fall has completely stopped (before just a brush thru my head would come at a cost of 7-10 hair). I can also feel my crown area has become thicker and I can see baby hair sprouting on temple area. So definetely this has worked for me. I have also recently stared sapta kriya and I must share that it feels amazing to do this daily. A. You feel fresh and happy, something that is important for hair vitality. B. You are unconsciously convincing your brain that balayam and sapta kriya are working. Dont know if you are aware of the power of thought, but it definitely works.

    Now, there will be several skeptics and non-believers who will discredit this approach. In my opinion, these people are associated with commercial medicinal fraternity and are out here ridicule any natural healing methods. Balayam works and its working for me. My hair is coming back and I expect to gain all of them back in a years time. Power of thought! Trust the method people, be diligent adn above all, believe its gonna happen for you!!

    Thanks for reading xx

  103. Hi all balayam does work all it needs from you is patience. Iam doing this technique for 4 months now nd I can notice lots of baby hair on my temple area nd as well on sides. But I haven’t noticed much hair on middle of hair. May be it takes long time to grow hair in middle of head. So below is my 4 months experience.
    For 3 months hair loss was normal but increased exceptionally high in 4th mnth for 15 days then became normal.
    Noticed baby hair on my forhead ,side areas some has grown up to an inch some has just come out.
    Along with balayam you should try rubbing your scalp with onion juice twice a week. Onion juice is said to cure hair fall nd even reverse hair loss.

  104. does balayam really work for MPG? MPG means that your follicles are sensitive to DHT, right? So when there is high levels of DHT in your blood and you start increasing blood flow into your scalp, doesnt it accelerate hair loss? Please some advise because I have been doin balayam since august 2014 and havent noticed any improvment thus far. I eat and drink very healthy, sport, etc…

  105. Hai sir…

    I have planned to start balayam yoga…

    How long should i do in the beginning?

    If this yoga increases blood pressure, is it good to do it for a longer time everyday?

  106. @ MM
    I m doing balayam from last 3-4 months …my hairs are looking good but they are not growing .i m doing shishasan also …plz tell what should i do for dat …

  107. I m doing balayam from last 3-4 months ,my hairs arr looking good but they are not growing.I do shirshasan also…
    So plz tell what should I do for dat…

  108. I am doing balaym since last 10-12 months.. I have tingling like feeling in my head…
    I have been losing considerable amount of hair since last 4-5 years. I am not completely bald tough now. My age is 22 now. Before the age of 15-16 i didn’t used to lose even a single hair… however hard i comb… the hair were very very dense… now density has reduced… greying has not started tough.. will i be able to gain my original hair back? i do balayam for 5-10 minutes daily.. sometimes i miss tough..i do balayam with all my fingers

  109. i am shedding approx 5-10 hai daily while bathing daily .is it completely normal or major problem and i am facing it since i was in class 8 and now i am in graduation .even though i have full head hair but hair density is less and very less at left temple .will balayam yoga help me out .as i masturbate daily .should i stop it to regrow hair .plz rply quickly

  110. I’ve started my journey of balayam followed by pranayams like kapalvati and alunom vilom. What I suggest to all of you that you should be patient while doing this exercise because this is along term process. You cannot see its results with in a weeks or a month. It requires strong determination and plenty of faith.
    My routine for hair care involves :
    1. Balayam 20 min daily in the evening and morning.
    2. Yoga and pranayams such as ( kapalvati 15 min , Anolam vilom 15 min and sirsasana for 2-5 min) with empty stomach in the morning time only.
    3. Protein providing foods such as chicken, cottage cheese, kidney beans, almonds , walnuts etc. and Amala which is good for hair.
    4. You can also use patanjali divya kesh oil and put it on your scalp at night. This hair oil is good for making your hair strong and nourishing your hair too.
    5. And finally the most important thing is patience and positive vibes on your mind that you will gain your hair back

  111. I’ve been practicing this for 9 months now as hair loss is still rampaging my scalp and more noticeably than ever. I am not suggesting that finger rubbing caused more hair loss but it sure hasn’t slowed anything down.

    I have also yet to see anyone else produce any kind of proof of this so don’t waste your time on this and go to an actual doctor for proper advice tailored for your hair loss type or simply do what I am going to do from now on and just own it.

  112. my wrist and finger joints pain by doing this exercises. does anyone else get this issue? or am I doing it wrong? please do reply guys

  113. I hv started to doing Balyam…completed 15-20 days….but my hair falls more than previous….should I continue Nail rubbing….m very affraid….already I hv lost my 50% of hair….bald areas on top started visible…plz help

  114. Hi everyone,
    I am suffering from Alopecia areata from around one & half years. I had many bald patches on my beard which was cured by some medicine given by my dermatologist, but the bald patch keeps on coming at different places & recently i have started losing my eyebrow hair as well, because of this…!
    My question is, does ‘Balayam technique’ helps to cure Alopecia areata also..??

    please do reply guys, it will of much help to me..!!

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