Dear Mr Rassman,

First of all thank you for your very informative and helpful site.

I am 30 years old and lately I started worrying about my temples. I have a feeling that I have rececing temples and want to take action in case this is the case. Unfortunately I do not have old photos taken from the right angle to compare. Could you please tell me what you think and my Norwood class according to the attached photos. I do not have any balding or thinning on top.

By the way, you can use my photos on your blog if you please.

Kind regards

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First of all, thanks for allowing me to publish these. What I believe you’re talking about are the corners of the hairline, not the temples. The temples are below the corners (above the ear) and those look fine in the photos you provided. People seem to get the temples and corners confused all the time when labeling them.

It appears that your hairline is now convex in shape and the central area does meet the side areas, suggesting that the maturing hairline is locking into place. If there is no miniaturization present, I would do nothing other than observe your hairline yearly. This is a Norwood Class I or II.

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