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I am hearing lot of ads about ‘Segals Solutions’ in India nowadays and heard that this product is from Canada and claims to be working well for a long. Does this really help in growing new hair or reducing hair loss? Appreciate if you could pick up my question and give your valuable review/response,

Thanks in adv

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SegalsThe Segals Solutions website says the product is “100% effective” and then just below it is says an independent study shows “67% noticed a reduction in hair loss”. So it works 67% of the time, every time? Uh huh. It then goes on to say that it is very convenient to use, in that you only need to rub their lotion on your scalp and leave it there for a minimum of 6-8 hours, then shampoo your hair with their product, and then take their pill in the morning. Where is the convenience?

I haven’t heard of this hair loss “treatment” before, even though they say it’s been made for 30 years. You’d think that with 30 years of success, there would be more than 2 before/after photos available on their site (and even those are smaller than my thumb, making it hard to see what’s going on). The lotion you leave on your scalp for 8 hours contains biotin, saw palmetto, B vitamins, and some other stuff, but the shampoo is just listed as containing “herbs”, and I have no idea what is in the pill. They say the entire treatment contains African “herbal technology” including rooibos, which is a tea common in South Africa. It goes on to discuss a French lab study showing hair benefits, but no further details are given, I can’t find the study, and I doubt it’s been peer reviewed.

I’ve gone over this before — there are two proven treatments that are FDA approved safe and effective, minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia). If anyone wants to give Segals Solutions a try, by all means don’t let me stop you. Just keep in mind you’re probably wasting your time and money, as even their own marketing information sounds confused about what results you are “guaranteed” to see.

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  1. Dr.Rassman,

    With due respects to you, I must state that your comments about Segals Solutions seem to be biased. It doesn’t matter how many photos (or what size photos) they have put on their site but the fact remains that I got immense benefit with Segals Solutions products. My years of agony came to a halt after 3 months of use of Segals Solutions. I may not exactly be wary of their claims, but it worked and hairloss hasn’t recurred over the past 8 months now, since I stopped using these. And that matters more than your “science” and “FDA”. Afterall isn’t FDA also about lobbying by big pharma companies….

    So, is it works and that too without drugs, it’s worth ignoring what is on their site and what not. Peer reviews also have limitations…. You are being unfair by stating that they are not transparent. On the contrary, I haven’t come across any company that declares everything about their product so clearly. Their pill-pack not only declares what is inside it but also the concentration of each. So about their lotion, shampoo and conditioner; atleast the ones I used had all info, well labelled.

    results is all that matters to anybody and I can vouch for the fact that Segals Solutions delivers, much better than Minoxidil and most importantly, without any ill-effects.

  2. I’d love to see your before and after results, because anyone can just write testimonials such as yours without providing proof. Also, it isn’t about the transparency of the company — it is about the complete fabrications in their marketing material. You simply can’t state the product is 100% effective then later say its a lower percentage that got results. That is ridiculous.

  3. Hi , I respect your comments. In the website of segals solutions the contents of the pill is clearly mentioned . I have been using it for the past one month. I have been undergoing treatment for the past 13 years inorder to prevent baldness which is my heridity. The contents are silica, Saw palmetto, Fo-ti and kelp.All of them contains hair growth properties. The FDA approved treatments that you have mentioned are having severe side-effects. I t has been proved that finasteride causes loss of libido and erection problems.and minoxidil too. Better dont give these sort of negative opinions on a product which you have never tried.

  4. Doctor I have a question regarding the so called FDA approved treatment minoxidil. Can you gurantee that the new hair which was grown after the topical application of minoxidil will last even after someone have stopped that?
    If you say yes then ill advice people to follow your treatment.No doctor dare to say yes for this question.Do you mean to recommend minoxidil usage throughout the life of a person??

  5. Prakash-
    Once you stop minoxidil treatment, benefits go away. You have to use it for life if you wish to retain the benefits. You’re right — I wouldn’t “dare to say yes”, because I have no reason to lie to folks.

    My comments on Segals were more about the terrible wording of the marketing message. Usually when I see “100% effective” used when selling a hair loss treatment, it is easy to see it is 100% a scam.

    Minoxidil has no loss of libido, and it has been proven time and time again that finasteride side effects are in 1-2% of users. The bottom line is though, those 2 products provide results… something that I doubt Segals can do. That is my opinion, but you’re welcome to disagree. I’d love for someone to actually post proof, as opposed to just telling me I’m wrong and spouting off wrong information to back that up.

  6. Whatever said and done, Segals Solutions did produce results in me. It’s a fantastic product. My hair are thicker and dense now (using for 5 months now).

  7. Hello everyone, Myself Venkat..
    I recently visited Dermatologist. Doctor Spotted that my hair on vetex and top are getting thinner and prescribed me Mintop 10%. After using it for a 2 weeks there was huge loss of hair leaving behind my scalp visible. After this was conveyed to Doctor I was told to stop the usage of the product. Now I am worried about the hair which has lost, what should I do for regrowth of my hair??..Can I go for Low Laser Light Theraphy which would be natural booster for hairgrowth or would I go for Seagal Products…
    Any Valuable review/responses are appreciated..

  8. hi all ,

    Im having serious hairfall problem from past 1 year ..please suggest some remidies .Is segals solution effective ?? please be frank about this products

  9. Hi All,

    I have been using the products for almost two month but i do not see any improvement yet. My hair loss increased in the frontal area. According to the site, they have stated that this is normal as the hair that falls out are normally dead hair.New and strong hair will grow from there. As per the site, visible result of growing hair will only visibile after 2 to four months.

    I am a bit worried of the fallen hair that was resulted using the product but I will give it a try for the next few months as I am already using for two months. Hope it will works for me.

    I have went through a number of website and products, they have stated when we are using a new product for the first time, normally we will be experiencing hair loss, so hope that this will be normal.

    Anyone experiencing the same problem? Please share.

  10. Doctor its me prakash again. Iam from India. We indians have a practice of applying oils to hair we use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil. Whether oil grow hair? is it a myth or its simly nourishes hair?

  11. hi prakash,

    Even im using segals solutions from past 3 weeks .A guy above by name rahul as said that he used the above product and had good results depending on his review even im trying .In the website of segals they have mentioned that the new hair grows only after 2 to 4 months of usage ..did u ask the segals guys about your problem what did they say..

  12. Guys,
    FOr those seeking a frank opinion on the Segal’s products-here is what I have experienced:-

    I have been using the products for the past 7 months with no effect at all.

    In fact I have noticed that in the last couple of months,the rate of hair fall has been such that I end up loosing more than 100 strands per day,with no noticeable improvement at all.

    The hair loss has been so substantial that I can actually notice the thinning of hair from the frontal areas.

    I am not sure if using the products have aggravated the loss but my experience till date tells me that there has been no improvement at all.

  13. Hi All,

    I have been using segals solutions for 3 months very good results hair loss stopped 90%..

    before i used to loss my hair like anything on my pillow and work place in the bathroom like having a hair cut.

    recently my friend suggested a doctor in chennai india Murugusundram and he prescribed (Fine,Nectar Plus,Kaiquin) and minoxidil after using his medicines my hair fall started again unnecessarily i stopped segals i want to go back to segals solutions.. and finally doctor told me i need to continue for 2 years (every month visit) which i dont like…

  14. This is about Segals. Akanksha & Rahul said they have very good results But Prakash has confusing statement. So any details on this program by Akanksha or Rahul on Name of all 4 products from Segal Chennai India.
    Prakash did you face any problem later on as mentioned or what? Can you give clarity on your case? It will be helpful for me in deciding to go for segal or not to go for it.

  15. Hi,

    I have been using the hair regrow from holistic serums for a month, which has reduced my hair fall. But cant see any new hairgrowth till now. Will post again after a couple of months. I am also using segals supplement, shampoo and conditioner to stop my hair fall. I think this combination, though quiet expensive will help me.

  16. Hi ALL

    Please stop use this all product.and eat more greenary and fresh vegi . dont cook .take as salad. after take good food for three meals your hair will grow.and skin also.

  17. hi to all,
    i am 24,suffering from hair loss( my hair loss is very slow and i have not seen any bald patch but, overall hairs are falling.) But i dont want that too,so please suggest me from segal solution or minoxidil which is better for regrowth of hair

  18. There are too much discussion on Segal solution. I am 26 years old and facing severe hair loss. I just ordered Segals Solution and I am going to start using it from tomorrow. I will post my result in this discussion. I am also doing the following to decrease the hair loss:
    1.Using only filter water or packed mineral water to wash my hair.
    2.Drinking atleast 5 cups of Green Tea.
    3.Eating Almonds, Fig and other dry fruits daily.
    4.Doing Pranayam daily morning.
    5.Eating Soy product daily. (Milk, soy bread etc.)

    Lets see what would be the result after 3 months. :) . I will also post the photograph of before and after 3 months.

  19. I’ve tried Segal Solution for 2 months and the results are encouraging! I’ve stopped Finpecia which I was taking for 6 months and have seen slight improvement in the hair thickness and texture.

  20. i’m 29 year old male, i have been suffring from hair loss for past 7 years, doctor gave me minoxdil with Amixle 5%. i used for more than 5 years, the result was good, but from last year i got problem in using minoxdil, many side effects like- rapid heart beat, stomach pain, chest pain. so i stopped it for past 5 months. again i started loosing my hair, then i shaved my head & started using Himalaya’s HAIR-ZONE spray & Dabur Thiripala tablets, my hair fall has stopped,but i dont know weather i’m getting new hair, i will post the comments after i use for 4 months, i’m using for past 2 weeks only. My advise to you all is pls dont use minoxdil or any chemical products, it gives many side effets, long term use will lead to many problems. best is- Shave your head once in a year, keep short hair, take Dabur’s Thiripala tablets 100% natural & very very safe, take 2 tablets half n hour B4 your breakfast & 2 tablets B4 Dinner, take for 48 days(long term is very good), drink plenty of water,(Dont take ice water). you will find best results, its not only for hair ,its for total health, you jus try & see, you will be amazed,. Stop worring about hair loss, eat healthy & stay fit,. Life is beautyfull even without Hair… Thank You…

  21. For some of the guys abve who have used the seagal solution, I am in the same hairfall boat as you all are. was wondering if anyone could let me know where I can procure this segal products in bombay. Thanks in advance.

  22. Dear all,
    i m using segals advanced hair solution for the last 8 months with a little benefit really,that too inspite i am vry punctual nd following their direction to use absolutely well. Infact in the last few days i hv seen loosing more hair as it feels am not using any treatment at all.Its really painful and hurting as i dnt wannaa get bald, also wont like to use minoxidyl or finesteride due to its severe side effects.
    i hav taken all possible treatment before this like Dr.batra,Deemark herbal hair oil,Dr.paul’s treatment etc.

    Now i am helpless at the moment and cant understand wht to do?
    Any suggestion from you guyz can help me alot….so plzzz help in this regard….Thankss alot !!

  23. Hello folks, I am doing a treatment of mesohair therapy with Dr Rekha Yadav in Mumbai and the results are fantastic . i have regrown about 30% hair in 5 months and my hair loss has completely stopped. I was initially skeptical but had to believe it as my friend also had lot of growths after the can visit their website

  24. hi guys i need a heart felt review from whoever has used the segals solutions they really solve the hair fall problem completely.r else u would like to suggest any other proved product for hair loss. answers r highly appreciated.

  25. so i think things vary from person to person,some of my relatives say product livon also showed significant changes.previously i had used mintop,homeo,ayurvedic pro- all proved of no use,any ways segals proved good for me,stopped my hair fall, and i feel happy.

  26. Im 29 yrs old female and i have a very bad hairfall, it doesnt seem to slow down even after trying all possible kinds of treatment like Dr batra, ayurvedic, homeopathy and acupunture, minoxidil.. u name it n i have used that, i have spent thousands and thousands in dis.. nutrition wise im really doing and took all kinds of test to check and everything is normal, except tat i have PCOD and my testortone level is 1.90pg/ml.

    My dermatologist suggested me to take tricomax MG and biotin supplement. But I have started taking segals solution just the tablets and shampppo which they provide. Today is the day one, i used the shampoo and hell a lot of hair started coming out i couldnt believe today i lost more than 500hairs.. i literally counted the hairs that i lost.

    Im not sure if i should continue the shampoo and capsules. And can somebody suggest me some good shampoo. Im really vexed now..I dunno wat else should i try.. pls suggest a better shampoo and some treatment to atleast slow down my hairfall. im already getting bald

  27. will anyone please let me know if segals solution really helped are they really worth trying it.. i dont want to loose more hair just becoz im using this product..

  28. nimish, you said you had good results after using segals shampoo, did u have bad hairfall after using the shampoo for the first time.

  29. hi every1..i m also suffering from hair loss and balding from front corners though i have dark thick hair on other sides..i am tempted to use segals aftr reading sum reviews ..since anu says that she had more hair loss aftr using their shampoo, i may not order thier shampoo..i may just use their supplements and scalp formula..i am using a good shampoo Called nyle herbal shampoo..(anu u can try this!!)..its very mild and stopped my itching and dandruff problem completely without all i need is a bit of help to preserve my existing hair and i hope segals will do tht..i also advice everyone to use neelibhrigadi oil from kottakal arya vaidya shala ,b4 helped me get dark hair and good quality..its also made of herbs..after bath i use sesa hair oil b4 going to work..makes me feel good as its herbal..

  30. Scepticism in the world is limitless but one application of a shampoo that contains biotin, saw Palmetto, silica, aloe, gingko biloba, vit.b5, etc.could cause hair loss can only be concluded by an insane. Anu states that she lost more than 500 hair with one application of Segals shampoo but she accepts she had a history of very bad hair health backed by PCOD. No shampoo, bad or good could do anything good or bad in just one application. One needs to give time to judge anything. The biggest problem in getting results with anything is the mindset of users.
    I have been a regular user of Segals products for about 14 months now. Not aware that it was available in India, I got my first set consisting of a Formula, Shampoo and a Conditioner – 120 ml trial pack from Canada. Later, after about 2 months, the India office suggested me their Supplement as well. Since I was experiencing massive hairloss and thinning due to my thyroid problem, I took 2 capsules per day for 2 months. My hairloss could be stopped only at the end of the 3rd month and it was scary at times before that. With a visible scalp, Thoughts crossed my mind to start Minoxidil but something inside me always told me to exercise restraint.
    Let me state no more hairloss ever after the 1st 3-4 months of using Segals, no improvement in thinning hair or regrowth for the next about 4 months. I was contented that my hairloss had stopped and that was no mean achievement given my state of hairloss. Costs were increasing and I was worried whether I should continue Segals forever. The guys from Chennai informed me that since no further improvement was visible, I could stop but not all of a sudden. Stopping had to be calibrated and should continue with only their shampoo and no other. While speaking to them, I happened to ask for a course for my husband and being a customer for long, asked for a discount. They refused but accomodative a bit with and extra pack of the Supplement and Shampoo. I still had the Formula and with the free Supplement started to reduce the usage gradually.
    To my surprise, I could see some visible filling up the gaps in my hair while it was about 10 months alternate day use now. I again switched to my regular usage schedule and must report that I have a considerably better, thicker hair, much less visible scalp, unexpectedly. I do continue to see improved results and so, for the moment no need to discontinue. It’s not a full head 100% but much much better than what it was during the 2009 Christmas.
    Other rigorous schedules that I followed include – i) Yoga, Pranayama for 30 mins every morning, ii) Brisk walk for 20 minutes daily, iii) oil massage once a week with a mix of olive and almond oil, iv) Flaxseeds one spoon every morning with a cup of milk, v) emphasis on green leafy veg, absolutely no red meat.
    Must reiterate that you need to be disciplined in life to get results. Natural products are always a bit slower in action and we should be fortunate we have a natural option like Segals, else all of us would be going for Minoxidil.
    Even those who don,t have a hairloss problem, it would be wise to go for Segals shampoos as a precaution and a preventive measure. Afterall, hair, especially for ladies is all ; money, cost and hair are incomparables for hair. You can’t be thinking of cost if you are a female. Men could make a compromise but not us.
    I also wonder if I could have got better results had I found Segals earlier, saving time and money. Without hesitation, Segals would be my strong endorsement for those who are really desperate after all the trials and tribulations.
    For information, my husband has started getting results faster than me, probably since I have a thyroid problem.

  31. I am really really confused.I had a hair loss problem back in India and used to take treatment from richfeel which i must say worked wonders for me, after coming to states again I started having the problem of hair loss n thinning.
    I called up my doctor and he has advised to use Segal.
    I have just placed an order and wanting to use it as I trust my doctor.
    lets see what are the results, Positive or negative, I shall definitely make a post.

  32. I’ll tell you about my story and i anyone is interested then they can mail me for details. Since the age of 16 I started noticing hair loss which by the age of 20 had taken full effect.At the age of 22 the hair from front started to recede and I could see my scalp. Ask me a doctor or a medicine that I would have not taken to get a solution that I would have not tried.I am 28 now and about 1 year back I could feel the top and back also getting thin. For the last time I decided to experiment.

    Now is the unbelievable part …… for the last 6 months I have had absolutely no hair loss , the texture has changed for good , I can get the ocassional head message from my ma without fearing of hair loss, swim , exercise or to say I have got my life back ( however very late in life).

    So what worked for me ?? A routine and a positive attitude. I used Telemall hair building fiber along with Himalaya Dandruff shampoo( no sles and very gentle) , it really does work and is absolutely easy to apply…along with it was the gamechanger for me —- wheatgrass powder every and flaxseed …. Now that my hair loss was controlled I dared to switch to Spectral GNC – L and Revita Shampoo ….. deadly combination , no hair loss and could see my hair texture change ,the only problem expensive and not easily available in india.Then finally I have switched to segals solutions products , it is helping me in maintaining great hair ….I use there advanced hair supplement , advanced thinning oil and shampoo + conditioner….. I have also been using X5 laser for last 6 months….

    Believe me everyone has a different story to tell when it comes to hair loss , I am a success story against level 5 hair loss ( norwood scale) , all I can say is the earlier you act the more chances of fighting baldness.With so much info available be cautious but donot shy from experimenting….

    You do not believe my story can call me on 9818834366…

    I would love to help whichever way I can…

  33. Hi,

    Me too have terrible hairloss problem. I am 28 yr old female and lose 100s of hair everyday. Really worried because of this. The hair strands have become too weak and hair fall is uncontrollable. Right now I have started using Segals solutions and have finished 1 bottle of shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion. I haven’t seen any results as of now. It has been 2 and half months. I am thinking of ordering some more bottles of the product as I want to try it for few more months and check out if it makes any difference.

    Can anybody explain me after how many months results starts showing. Advice from people who have used it would be good.


  34. Hi I am having hair fall since last 1 year. I am using Dr.Batra`s product but didnt see any visible effect. Have already spent 10K. My friend is using Javed Habib`s Product but no luck. Now we are planning to go for Segal. Is hair regrowth possible? Does Segal solution Really work? Please advice.

  35. To be honest, Segals is far better than any other claim in India and is definitely worth a try. I have been on it for about 5 weeks now and can see a lot improved. No more dandruff and no more hair fall. Hair looks better and thicker. Tiny hair seems to be coming but I am not sure as yet. There seem to be dotted points on my scalp with baby hair, where there was no hair earlier. It may be too early. I am planning to use it for atleast 6 months before coming to any conclusion. But one thing I am convinced, you are sure, it won’t hurt you. If results happen, I gain. If results don’t happen, I hardly lose anything. Much

  36. I took micoinjection therapy in scalp from Revital trichology and it helped me a lot to control my hair loss and regrow considerably.I was suffering from hair loss since 2 years and scalp was showing but now my relatives and friends appreciate the difference. I think this is mesotherapy for hair loss.You got to be careful with this because when my freind did this with other doctor in his area he did not have any benefit and he continued to lose but my results were visible in 5 months.I think it also depends upon what doctors are using in the name of mesotherapy

  37. hii friends,
    i m sufferin from severe hair loss which is heridatory. i m facin dis problem from about last four years, i have tried many home remedies, minoxidil, dr. batra etc. but none could solve my hair fall problem. i m very much worried about dis. i was plannin to go for segal products but i see many are unsatisfied by the product. can someone give me few alternatives that are safe to use (i.e don’t have any side effects). i seriously need to go for some good product at the earliest.

  38. hi all m 22 years nd suffering a lot of hairfall..i hav tried dr.batras nd many other medications…nw i hav discovered segal solutions…i hav odered d products nd hav vry positive intutions for dis…hopefully i may get a gud reslt.will post d experience…

  39. Can anyone tell me what is the cost estimate of hair therapy at rivital clinic ,mumbai for baldness,., my age is 20 and having a severe hairloss problem since 3 yrs and tries many product but doesnt have any good effect ,…

  40. I have been using Seagals product for the past 2 months.I have seen that it is far better then any other product.Though it is a bit costly but i feel it is worth the cost.

  41. mix 50 ml jaborandi hair oil(s.b.l)(homeo shop), wid 50 ml bajaj almonds hair oil and 20 ml canthradine hair oil and prepare a solution of 120 ml.use it regularly at night and wash ur hair regularly for 7 days at starting with any shampoo but preferably with clinic plus(only 100ml pack or 200ml not wid 1 rs pack).u will see amazing hair stopped falling within 7 days .lets see urs,if using plz write ur cmnts on dis site only.u can use this oil after wash also.

  42. Hi Friends … really appreciate your comments. Previously I’d tried many medications including Batra but no use. After I started using Minoxidil, my hair fall was restricted to some extent but not permanently. I was really frustrated as I was getting balder. The damage had been more in last 4 years. Recently I’ve done hair transplantation, however the growth of newly implanted follicles will take 2 more months. I’m just desparately waiting for the result.
    However somebody kindly suggest me should I start using Segals solution to prevent the exising old hairs(not the newly transplanted hairs). Please help me. If its good please let me know where can I get it in Mumbai. please reply to – Thanks a lot.

  43. I thought of buying Segals products, however, the comments are confusing me. Some say it’s and some others say it’s good for nothing. Don’t know what to do. I’m using Minoxidil 5% & 2% and not taking any tablet (scared). All I can say is, hair fall has reduced, but I can’t say there is no hair fall at all! It has prolonged for sure. As one of our friends, Kannan Erode – 22nd comment, has told rightly that life is beautiful even without hair!

  44. Hello Dr, The content of supplement tablets is 10 mg of saw palmetto, and i herd that to block DTH one should take 1 to 1.5 g of saw palmetto daily.

  45. I searched lot about segals solutions over the internet.EveryWhere i found it is very effective and most of the people gained positive results without side effects.Now I wonder,By seeing these 50-50 review about product.Whether to give a try on this product or not.
    It will be helpful if I get to know,that one who experienced good results from thi product,did they suffer from hair loss in first use??coz,I dont want to lose remaining hair on my head…already my thick hairs had became thin..

  46. It’s true that any shampoo causes tremendous hair loss in its first use.But,it will be very helpful for us if “Akanksha Gupta ” share her experience about hair loss in first use of segals solutions.
    I am concentrating more on my diet,eating atleast 4 almonds daily,avoiding oily foods,salt and junk .eating more fruits and protien rich foods.It has decreased my hair fall.But Still I want my lost hairs to regrow.and thicken the new and existing hair like it was before….

  47. Being natural, it’s always worth a try & so I took a chance. Segals is much better that any virtual “FDA approved” shit. What’s the risk by using Segals – nothing. Results come, it’s a bonus. If results don’t come, there is no chance of any side effects. So, I tried.

    Initial hairloss didn’t happen in my case. Hairloss has stopped in less than 2 months. Oily scalp is no more oily. Hair texture and quality seems improved. New hair…I don’t know as never counted them before I started !!!! Looks better with Segals

  48. Hi Folks,

    I am also suffering from hair loss…. today i will tell you the Ayurveda remedy for the cure, though it is tedious…. who are interested can do it… its very cheap and easily available.

    1. Have a red onion and crush it…. take out the juice from it and pour in one empty bottle.
    2. Add some lemon juice to it… it will act as a preservative. if u have dandruff then u add more lemon juice and apple vinegar to it. it will cure your dandruff very effectively.

    this is best method to grow hairs on bald heads.

    rationale for that: onion has a great extent of Sulphur and which is very vital for the growth of new cells in body. use it for 2-3 months. you will feel the difference… if your hair does not grow more… your hair fall will be restored completely.

    I have tried to explain the procedure in simple manner.. still u have any doubts.. u can write to me at

    will try to revert at the earliest for all of your queries.

    try it guys and post your review here, so others can have benefit of it.

    please don’t go anywhere… Seagals, Dr. Batra and Advance hair studio… all are waste.

    in addition to that…. you can wash your head with Neem water or heena water.

    if you have severe hair fall than… i suggest you to try Tab/cap Biotin daily once. you can buy Tab. Baciton… its very cheap.. Rs 30 for 30 Tablets.

    Try herbal Shampoo… u can give try to Himalaya Shampoo… they are free from SLES (Some time it is the also a cause of hair fall) Himalaya is only free from SLES shampoo till date in Indian Market. Worth spending on it.

  49. In addition to my last blog, Onion juice will give u some sulphur odour on your head… u have to bear it and it is recommended u apply the juice on night.

    Those u had allergy with onion, can use Raddish Juice…. it is also effective.

    Onion will not harm our hair any more and does not have any ill side effects on human body. its 100 % safe to use for hair regrowing.

    you can also use garlic clove for hair restoration… it has very high content of Sulphur… u have to gently rub the clove on ur head or make the paste of it for application. First give try to Onion/Raddish juice… it will definitely give u positive result.

    One most important thing… make ur hairs as short as possible for this application. if u have short hairs… apllication will be easy and Onion/Raddish juice will be absorbed better by the scalp.

    Use it every alternate day…… in 3-4 weeks… u will see result… atleast ur hairs will not fall any more.

    Person those had constipation and stomach is upset.. they can try triphala Churn…. soak it in water for full night and drink the same in early morning with empty stomach. Quantity will be 1-2 teaspoon. it will clear ur all gastric toxins, which also boost ur treatment for the application of onion/Raddish Juice.

    Use only herbal products for hair restoration….. dnt ever use chemicals.

  50. The hair loss is natural. The main reason of hair loss is trying to stop it, using costly product, going to doctor which make it worse making you bald.My hairfall was very little when i have not used any product after that i have used costly product to hide one bald patch. Now, I am using segal solution for 1 year but i don’t find any resul. It has increase hair fall rather than stopping it.

  51. Hey guys thank you for your comments… but plz dont make confuse to the person who is very serious to use Segals products. So all the guys who have Positive words on Segals products… plz suggest me that shall i start with this product or not. plz.. plz… plz…

    Thank you all.

  52. Using Segals for 1 year and 7 months now. Results have been dramatic, though initially for the first 4 months I was doubtful. The moon-like formation on the vertex is filled up totally. I don’t think there’s any harm in anybody giving it a try for 3-4 months.
    I have yet to find a shampoo better than the Segals Hair Root Shampoo, across the world (I have been to 37 countries and I love my hair). I mean it. No other shampoo in the world is made so well – a smooth, uniform texture, lots of hard-working ingredients, a gentle, pleasant fragrance and free from SLS

  53. I have been using segal products for last 9 months . My one bald patch at the center back of the head has some hair 9 very thin) but patch is very much visible . Secondly my hair are more thinnner than they were earlier for sure all over scalp.

    I am confused whethe to continue or no .

    I find their shampoo useless , segal’s shampoo for thiniing hair has made my hair more thinner as stated above and i have stooped using it . Now i use Supplement and scalp formula but thinking should i continue as all hair are more thinner since i started 9 months back .

  54. there are products having serial no.s200 to s 316L in total in the we are confused which product should we use for regrowth of hair in a 75% bald state in a male, because there are almost 30 products including shampoos,conditioners supplements. Much confused to choose a product. why so?how to select a product?

  55. I have been using Segals for the past 7 weeks. Though dandruff has gone now, but can’t see any sign of stoppage of hair loss. I know I am getting pretty impatient, but in how much time would it be possible to arrest hair loss.
    I have been taking homeopathy side by side too, would it harm segals’ effects?

  56. Hello guys, I am too facing the problem of Hair Fall Since Last 8-10 months. I visited to a Dermatologist, and he prescribed as:
    1.T Cutimin Forte
    2.Tugain Foam 5%
    3.X-Gain Shampoo
    I read on the various Blog about Finasteride and Minoxidil usage result in side Effect. Can anybody advice in the above medicine have Finasteride and Minoxidil content in it’s composition….

    I also heard about the SEGAL, I am confused whether to go with Segal or According to the Dermotolgist. Plz Plz Advice……

  57. Well if one knows the side-effects of Minoxidil and Finasteride and thinks he/she could afford the side-effects of these, then there should be no second thought. But it’s amazing to what extent people could go and risk getting severe scalp irritation/burning and/or making their BP abnormal (with Minoxidil) and willing to have a reduced libido or have an adverse effect on their offspring with Finasteride (not to be prescribed for females), just for the sake of hair, moreso when credible natural remedies have shown results (as based on the above posts only) in atleast 50% of the cases.

    I am not a representative of the Segals company nor do I need to be but if their product gets you even 50% of results and has no fear of an adverse effect, then it would be sheer madness to opt for poisons. The least it deserves is that you give it a try for a reasonable time. I am sure the company would have some customer care line and it wouldn’t cost a bit to revert to them if your results are not forthcoming.

    But then, that’s my personal opinion and everybody has a right to disagree.

  58. I am using Propecia and minoxidil-5% since last 10 days. I am feeling Breathing Problem in the night(especially lying down),In Yawning also facing Problem, Could not able to sleep properly and struggling in sleep for 2-3 hours Daily.

    I was not able to find a Reason why i am getting this problem, then suddenly realize of my hair loss medicine is the sole reason. During Last 10 days I found improvement in hair loss. But I think it is not affordable with such side effect issue…..

    Segal m coming 2 you, with lot of hope…..

  59. Try using VIVISCAL which is available in the U.S.A.
    however, they are expensive, you can get them in
    Wallsgreens, Rite Aid and CVS. Very very effective.
    They are available in Tablet form. Try typing Viviscal on Google and you will get more information.
    Best of Luck

  60. I am using segal solution for 6 months but i can see any results.Anybody please tell me does segal solution advanced formula really works.

  61. I am trying this product for last 1 year and i find it uselss.
    This fucking product doesn’t grow your hair but sure it will increase your hair fall whereever you use. They claim in the beginning hair fall is normal and after using for 5-6 months your hair will grow back. Bullshit this is really confusing segal statement which give consumer hope that some day it will grow my hair back but that day won’t come.I personally recommend to all people don’t try this scrap and waste your money.

  62. Hello Guys. I have started using segals solution and it has been 10 days as of now. The front hairline has become even worse after using this !! believe me there use to be some hair before and now they all are gone !! i will still try this product for 3-4 months and last resort is transplant surgery …

  63. hii i’m having severe hair loss from 2years… i’ve used ayurvedic and alopathy medicines but, no use.. can any one suggest me how 2 controll hair fall.. can i go for dr.batra’s is it usefull

  64. I got a doubt guys. Who ever reported hair growth here on usage of segals solutions, can give some of the below details…
    1. Whether your scalp was too oily always while experiencing hair loss( inspite of using the shampoo daily). That was the main reason for hair loss?
    2. Experienced any head ache?
    3. Reported re growth of hair or hair loss has stopped?

  65. Hello…im back to share my experience after using Segals for 1.5 months. Initially i was depressed but now i really can say it works. It was able to recover my frontal hairline 30% till date from use….hairloss has stopped almost 60-70%. I hope after constant use of 3-4 months i will be having good hair as normal as before !! Its really amazing experience!!….I will keep u guys updated …

  66. Dear Undertaker,

    Thanks for sharing your experience, really appreciated. Could you please give more details like which segal product did you use, is it only shampoo, which shampoo, any supplement too?

    Thanks in advance,

  67. ebay introduced me to this product called Segals. I don’t know why it is not available so easily and we have to get it from Chennai.

    But I can surely tell that it is one of the best things that one could get for hair if one is reasonable. I want to share with everybody that personally I got excellent result with it though I also maintained a strictly disciplined lifestyle, nutritious food, etc.etc. My vertex area is totally covered up and the frontal receded hairline has started to come back. It took me almost 10-11 months to reach this.

    Everybody is different and I feel results are bound to vary from person to person. Most important, we can’t expect early results if we have a strong causative factor or if the situation had already deteriorated to very bad state before we start with any medication. At times we tend to run out of patience but a strong will is required as getting hair regrow again is no simple joke.

  68. hi frenz, i am starting to using a segal solution product. now i am gettin a 1 month of usage, but i didn’t get a result, i have a severe dandruff problem, i think that reduced little bit, but itchy scalp doesnt cure, just i will wait for 10 weeks of usage.

  69. Hi guys, I started using Segals solutions product from Mar-15 onwards. I had no result till now but dandruff problem is solved and slight itching is there.

    I am planning to try this for 3 months continuously. I will update regarding the results after 3 months.

  70. Hi Guyz,
    I have been using the product for last 1.5+ years. Initially I lost a lot of hairs while using the shampoo but I was keep using it. Later I found that new baby hairs coming out. I was quite happy with it and I decided to continue with it…. But few weeks back I was getting the side of Segal product. I got stomach pain and high BP continuously for weeks . I stopped to have segal product to check it it was the cause. I was ok but when I took the segal supplement (capsule ) I got the pain and BP high again. I contacted to Segals but they said there is no side effect of it however I can quite for capsule and keep continue with Scalp other products. Now I quite the product as of now and at least I do not have any stomach pain but still I am getting BP sometimes.
    I really I cannot tell that there is no side effect of segal solutions.


  71. hai guys,
    I started using this product before 1.5 months back, i think it decreased my hair fall but the use of shampoo and conditioner makes the hair more thinner. Now i reduced the use of shampoo and conditioner anyway i will try using these products.
    I will update you guys whether the product is effective or not..

  72. Segals solutions is a complete fake product. They do good subtle marketing. Used the product for more than 1 year. It is an alcohol based product. They might even have added stuff like Minoxidil into it. Their claim of finding some rare herb in Africa is bulls**t. I cannot believe how I fell for this marketing scam. Initially for a few months I felt good using this product. It controller dandruff and had a feeling that it controller hair loss to some extent. But their claims of hair regrowth after 6 months, small hairs popping up in the bald region, etc.. are completely false. After 1 year of usage, I got no new hair or regrowth of lost hair. Infact the hair started thinning after I stopped using it. The hair density is much worse than what it was when i started using it.
    If you do not like using stuff like minoxidil or finasteride due to fear of side effects, just go for good stuff like coconut oil and Nizoral shampoo which is branded and controls dandruff and hairfall. if you are still desperate go for a hair transplant. But do not use stuff made by some unknown, imaginary chemist claimed to be sitting in canada but not able to sell his products in canada.

  73. kinda seems fake, but who knows. if you wanna take the plunge, its like 90$ a kit. i bought it, but im going to a real doctor before i start putting this mystery sh*t in my hair.

    i agree with the guy who wrote the article, like why don’t more people use this if it actually works? buyer beware

  74. Hi Friends,
    This is update, I have been using segals products for past 4 months continuously. After started using the product my hairfall increased, but last week I saw small baby hairs. Still I am not sure about the results. I am planning to continue the product and sure I will update the progress next month.


  75. My hair transplant surgery was ruined by Dr Nicholas Agnesi of Hairline Clinic in Akron and Independence Ohio. He disregarded my specific wishes, wiped the pattern that I drew off my head, and got the hairline all wrong. He also harvested the wrong hairs from the base of my skull.

    The hairs he took don’t grow well at all. They never have. He should have taken the hairs at least on inch higher. Everyone agreed that I had plenty of donor hair but Dr Agnesi didn’t bother to take the best hairs. He just rushed through the job and took the wrong hairs at the base of my skull.

    When I let Dr Agnesi know what he did wrong, he said that he might be willing to replace the bad hairs after I talk to the president of Hairline Clinic Rob Hoffman. It had to be his call. But when I talked to Rob Hoffman at the Akron location, he refused to even look at the bad work. He just pretended everything was fine and refused to do anything about it. No fix. No refund.

    I knew those hairs would never grow well so I was left with no choice but to rip all those bad grafts out myself before they healed. It was a nightmare but I got it done. Now I’m out thousands of dollars and I have nothing to show for it but a bad memory and a nasty scar at the base of my skull.

    Dr Agnesi also works for Advanced Hair Restoration of Ohio.

    Now I’m talking to an attorney and trying to find a new HT doctor who will do what I wish and pay attention to detail.

  76. Im writing this comment because I have been using this product for the last six months, and I don`t want people to lose thier money expecting miracle results. The seller is from Chennai and I ordered their Hair Root Formula and Segals Advanced Shampoo. After receiving the product, the first thing I noticed is that the Chennai address is printed on the label of bottle as marketer and a Canadian address as manufacturer. Im not sure whether they import the solution separately and repackage in India. I used the solution, once everyday after taking bath with Segals Advanced shampoo. Within few months, I had drastic hairfall and my hair was dry and brittle. I stopped using the shampoo and reverted to a normal shampoo. The solution actually lists some good ingredients, like Saw palmetto, salicylic acid, green tea, rosemay extract, biotin etc. But frankly I think its not working as I expected. Im continuing to use the remaining solution as I don`t think its harmful. But please don`t expect some miracle results like growing back your hair from this product. Better save money and go for a transplant. My advice to you all is keep your hair short, don`t put oils or conditioners which build up sebum, use Nizoral solution once a week, and use a mild shampoo to clean hair. Good luck folks.

  77. Hi.. this is anand,26M from chennai. I’m using segal solutions past one fall almost stopped..I don’t have balded head but suffering from fair fall for last two years. after started using this product, i can really see the results. it works for me. thanks segal.

  78. Segals is a good product and I have got great results with it. I would give it a great thumbs up. Nobody can be a loser by using quality products

  79. Hi friends,
    This is the update on Segal product after using it for past six months. First let me come up with the service from seller stuff n style, Chennai, whenever I ordered the product it got delivered on next day promptly and the packing is also very good.

    Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula and Segals Solutions Advanced Hair Supplement I used continuously for six months but as it mentioned in the previous posts it did not gave any commendable results. Even after six month usage I have hair loss.

    It have got some side effects too, by using Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula. As mentioned in the pack it have alcohol content and prolonged appliance of that in scalp caused Sinus troubles to me for past three month. The worst part is I did not know that segal solution was cause for Sinus and I was consulting the doctor frequently. My doctor helped me to find that Segal was the cause of the Sinus problem in me.

    Shampoo and Conditioner was excellent, it made the dandruff disappear and it did not came up after. I am using the shampoo weekly once and it is worth the money.

    My conclusion is I will not suggest Segal solution for anyone, it is waste of money and it also causes some side effects.

    I am planning to move for next different treatment.

    Friends if you have any doubts, please ask me and I will checking this forum frequently.


  80. How funny that this person says that his dandruff never came back after using Segals products but doesn’t want others to use it – a selfish approach !

    I landed on this blog by chance and am prompted to write after the above post and say that my hairloss stopped with Segals in less than 2 months. For somebody, if it isn’t stopping after 6 months also, it maybe because of his improper usage or irregular usage or that he has some medical problem. Or he would have not used Segals advanced formulations. With hairloss of longer background, it takes little more time and one could take 2 capsules of their supplement.

    There is no counter argument to the fact that Segals is the only safe, effective natural solution for hairloss in India today.

    Remember friends, taking care of your hair is not like a one-time treatment of fever or any other disease. Stopping hairloss needs a continuous effort. After stopping hairloss, one must maintain it also.

    I stopped my hairloss with Segals products. I use their shampoo and conditioner only now and find that no other shampoo that could ever match their quality. I take care of my diet and do regular moderate exercise.

  81. hi friends. i am 29 and using segals products for almost 3 months now. i must say it is a great product. my dandruff is totally gone and there is no itchiness in the scalp which was a big irritant for me for years. there is no more waxy buildup and i can hardly see a strand of hair fall on my pillow or while having a bath. my doctor who had told me that I will have to live with hair fall as I have PCOS problem is proven wrong now with Segals products. Earlier i had used tugain 5% but it caused me severe scalp burning. i think anybody can go for segals as it is herbal and has no side-effects.

    Different people may get different results but last month my doctor also started using segals products after I told her and she told me she’s convinced.

  82. My friends, dont ever use this Segal solution. This is shit and a fake product. I have devoted 1 year and thousands of rupees on this product. But it made my problem even worse. This is some fake product from Canada. They dont have FDA approval. They just make up the story.
    Dont use it ever. It will make your hair loss problem even worse. Thats an honest opinion based on personal usage.

  83. Hi Friends, I think Alkalizing your body with Green juices help your hair grow back. Also heard about the wonders of Saw Palmetto…I lost my hair a few years ago as I took medication for chicken pox, I haven’t treated my hairloss since then…but recently I noticed hair growing back as I started drinking Aloevera and Amla juice from Patanjali (Baba Ramdev)…I haven’t tried Segals solutions yet..but I believe Segal serum will help as it contain Saw Palmetto….Doctor, I would appreciate if you can suggest me a suitable treatment…….

  84. Use hair root formula its awesome it’s makes my hair thick my scalp look different don’t waste money for ny treatment!.

  85. Hello friends, sadly i am also a hair loss sufferer and have used so many products but none of them worked. Segals solutions seems to be my last hope. But before buying i want to know if it really works. I read the whole comments here and found that some people got good results and some did not. When i was searching for a genuine review of Segals solutions i luckily found this website. This guy is doing an in depth and detailed review of Segals Solutions and the best thing is he is posting his weekly updates on the effect of Segals products while using it. I highly recommend everyone to read his post. It helped me understand what can i expect and in how much time from segals solutions. I pray to god that all of us get our hair back.

  86. looks like the website link was removed from my comment above, may be links are not allowed in comments section. I am posting that website’s link as my website here. You can visit that segals solutions review website by clicking my name above which says “balding guy”. I hope this is the proper way to post an important link here.

  87. Hey you should visit Revital Trichology ! It has always worked for me and all my friends I have done PRP Theraphy alongwith medicines given and two friends whom i suggested have done Mesotherapy. Yes like many said it depends on the Doctor who does that and has good hand and experience.

  88. I used it for more than 2 years without any benefit, apparently it made my hair condition worse than better. Don’t go for it guys, the cost of all the products are exorbitant and end result is you’ll loose more hair than gain anything.

  89. This is a very good product, easy to use. My hair has become healthy and I just love the cooling feel when I apply their Hair Root Formula. No more dandruff, no oiliness in scalp and no itchiness also. Their Shampoo and Conditioner are just awesome and no other Shampoo in the market can ever beat their quality. I got their big litre packs now

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