Tugging on Hair to Stimulate Growth, Applying Garlic to Nurish the Hair Root

i have evidence that there are methods to reverse hair loss without paying money for chemicals like minoxidil or for surgery. however, because these methods are completely natural and can’t really be bought or sold, there is resistance to publish this information or no incentive to pay for clinical tests to produce results that they work.

examples include:
1) topical application of garlic, onion and olive oil to the scalp to nurish and clean the hair root;
2) using store bought saw palmetto to block dth;
3) stimulating hair by tugging on it gently, etc.

over a duration of 2 months results can be seen because dormant follicles begin sprouting hair again.

Block Quote

Delicious garlicHow did you unlock these secrets that medical professionals have been hiding for years?! Let’s dissect this…

  1. Garlic can create a unique pheromone, so tell us in another email if it helps with the ladies. It sounds like you’re making a pizza.
  2. Saw palmetto has been shown to slow hair loss in some men, but it is not consistent. Dosages are not controlled by the FDA (it is an herbal), so you never really know what you purchased.
  3. Pulling on the hair in the same place causes hair loss (traction alopecia) in some people depending how often and how hard you pull in it. Any advice on how to pull on your hair? I hope nobody is takes that seriously, because tugging on your hair won’t reverse hair loss.

Congratulations, I have given your message to thousands of readers. Hope it helps someone.

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