Adderall and Propecia

Hello Doctor,

I recently started taking 1mg of finasteride (approximately 3-4 months ago) and I’m seeing some noticeable hair growth.

A couple days ago I started taking some adderall and noticed that it was causing my hair to shed. Since the 1mg dosage is meant for men with normal testosterone and DHT levels (and considering the fact that adderall increases testosterone plasma levels, which translates into more DHT production), would an increased dosage of finasteride negate this increase in testosterone, and thus, DHT levels?

Also, when would be appropriate time to take the finasteride so that the drug’s effect will coincide to provide maximum efficacy against the increased DHT production from the adderall? How many hours/minutes before or after taking the adderall?

Thank you

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AdderallI can understand your concerns, but you need to know the basics of hair loss. Chasing DHT levels is not the answer and this medication may have a direct impact on your hair, independent of any genetic contributions. If your hair loss is genetic (otherwise known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia) there is no definite cure. Drugs such as minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia) do work, but they do not STOP or CURE hair loss! Results vary among individuals. And even if you regrow hair, over the course of your lifetime you will still slowly lose hair. Taking these medications will help by minimizing the hair loss.

With respect to Adderall, it may have an effect on hair loss. Even if it did, taking more finasteride will likely not help. Studies have indicated that it does not make a huge difference between taking 1mg or 5mg of finasteride (aside from higher side effect risk). In some rare cases, I have recommended 2.5mg finasteride for patients, but I’ve yet to see any gain or slowing of hair loss as of yet (likely too soon to tell). I don’t mean to sound bleak, but DHT is not the only answer to hair loss. We have not discovered the complete mechanism for the way in which the genes work at the hair growth metabolic level… yet!

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  1. I am 24/f I got back on adderall about 5 months ago — my hair is falling out so much since. I have to plunge my tub at least twice a week. The medication is really helping my with school, but I don’t want to be bald. I have always had extremely thick hair, now I have average hair, I am probably going to have to stop taking these meds before I have no hair. Is there any recommendations of how I can keep my hair and my medication too?? I took adderall and ritalin from 10-19, I dont remember having hair loss until starting taking it this time. I have researched and this seems to be extremely common … are there any vitamins that could cancel out the side effects of this medication ??? thanks hannah

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