Tongkat Ali and Finasteride

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My question is, can tongkat ali affect the effectiveness of finasteride (Proscar) in stopping hair loss? I read that tongkat ali is a natural testosterone enhancer and can benefit the person using it with stronger libido, sexual performance enhancer, and can promote good physical well being. Will it make the finasteride less effective? According to some research it has not found any baldness side effect for people using tongkat ali. Thank you and more power to your work.

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I’ve got no experience with this herbal, also known as eurycoma longifolia, so I turned to the internet for some info. According to this page, tongkat ali requires DHT to boost the libido, and finasteride blocks DHT. Therefore, you should not take both at the same time if you want the tongkat ali to work and if what I read on that site is actually true.

I don’t know if it’ll make finasteride less effective, but it seems that the finasteride would make the tongkat ali ineffective.

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