My 7 Year Old Has Been Shedding Hair for Weeks

My daughter is 7 years old and her hair his shedding alot. No bald spots. After her shower and when I brush her long hair. Many hairs fall onto the floor or into the brush. It seems like she has new hairs growing in or can this be breakage. She otherwise is healthy and not showing no sign of illness. Is it normal for a 7 year old girl to be shedding this much. When should I see a doctor. She has been shedding for about 3 weeks.

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If you are worried about something that you are observing that is not normal, then go see a doctor now! After all, you know your daughter best.

Do keep in mind you can lose 100+ hairs a day. Sometimes we seem to lose more hair at times or notice more hair loss and that can also be normal. There is nothing wrong with getting a physical exam to make sure your daughter is healthy. Abnormal hair loss can be a sign of undiscovered health issues, but it is a very vague secondary symptom. It is a challenge to most doctors.

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