How Soon After FUE Can I Wear a Baseball Cap Without Being Careful?

CapHello Dr.

First of all thank you for having such an informative and helpful site. I wish other doctors would spend the time to have a site like this rather than having their sites full of promotional and marketing tricks. My questions is very simply.

I recently had ( 3 weeks ago ) a FUE procedure of 2600 fues to the zone 1 and zone 2. My question is… how soon can I start wearing a baseball cap/hat WITHOUT being extra careful with it. Meaning that the hat can touch the recipient area and also be a bit tight. My doctor say to wait a YEAR before I do this but it seems to be a bit too much. He said I can wear a hat after 30 days but making sure it is very loose and that it doesn’t touch the scalp. I find this very difficult to do given the locations where I received grafts.

I would like very much to know your opinion on this. Thank you!

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Once the scabs are off, you can wear a hat or do anything that is reasonable. The donor area should be healed by this time. I’m not your doctor and I don’t know how your procedure was done, but that is the instructions I give my patients. You should double check with your surgeon, of course.

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