Did Actor Joel McHale Have a Hair Transplant?

I just ran across a collection of photos on some celeb gossip site. I never realized Joel McHale from The Soup and Community had hair issues, but his hair looks good now. What do you think, did he have a hair transplant?

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Joel McHale

The change you see in the photo on the left (with an isolated forelock and hair loss around it) to the photo on the right (with a full frontal hairline) is often what I see when I do a hair transplant. I would think that he had a good transplant job done. Now it looks like a mature hairline as opposed to someone going through frontal hair loss. If I were the surgeon, I would have produced a slightly less concave shape bringing down the corners about another 1/4 inch.

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2 thoughts on “Did Actor Joel McHale Have a Hair Transplant?

  1. I noticed that a long time ago. It’s nothing new especially when the actor/show becomes a huge hit. You should check out “The Office” and compare steve carrell and the guy who plays dwight to the most current season. They both have restored hair especially carrell. I also recently noticed Daniel Tosh from comedy central. In the first season of “Tosh.0” to the new episodes he looks to have his hair back as well.

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