Greetings Dr.Rassman,
I am an everyday reader of your site. Here’s a question I didn’t find an answer to.

  1. All hair loss websites say that a man should reduce his fat and sugar intake, because sugar increase DHT. Is this true?
  2. is there a connection between sugar & hair loss?
  3. What can I use to sweeten my un-avoidable green tea cups, since i know too that artificial sweeteners like aspartame cause hair loss
  4. is Stevia good choice?

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Sweet and Low

  1. Sugar in excess may make you fat, but it will not impact your DHT.
  2. Fat people are just as bald as skinny people who avoid sugar. In other words, no connection.
  3. Embrace sugar. There is nothing wrong with it when used in moderation. Artificial sweeteners do not cause hair loss.
  4. Sugar, Stevia, Sweet and Low, pink, blue, yellow, brown, white… go for it! Its your choice! It has nothing to do with hair loss.
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