Sugar and Hair Loss?

Greetings Dr.Rassman,
I am an everyday reader of your site. Here’s a question I didn’t find an answer to.

  1. All hair loss websites say that a man should reduce his fat and sugar intake, because sugar increase DHT. Is this true?
  2. is there a connection between sugar & hair loss?
  3. What can I use to sweeten my un-avoidable green tea cups, since i know too that artificial sweeteners like aspartame cause hair loss
  4. is Stevia good choice?

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Sweet and Low

  1. Sugar in excess may make you fat, but it will not impact your DHT.
  2. Fat people are just as bald as skinny people who avoid sugar. In other words, no connection.
  3. Embrace sugar. There is nothing wrong with it when used in moderation. Artificial sweeteners do not cause hair loss.
  4. Sugar, Stevia, Sweet and Low, pink, blue, yellow, brown, white… go for it! Its your choice! It has nothing to do with hair loss.
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7 thoughts on “Sugar and Hair Loss?

  1. I believe some people just want something to blame their hair loss on, reading into studies way too much etc. I’ve tried to eliminate almost all of the so called “bad” foods for hair loss in the past, I have tried to eliminate dairy, sugar, red meat and carbs for a very long period of time, and my hair stayed exactly the same during that period. No increased shedding, no increased inflammation etc. As of now i eat everything in moderation and uses fin with great results, both hair and general health-wise. Just my two pennies worth

  2. Dr Rassman you are absolutely wrong. I am in the early stages of hair loss. I have slowed it down dramatically which I attribute a large part to religiously avoiding all white sugar and high GI foods. I have had relapsed. One of which was last week when I eat 4 huge sugar filled cookies (which was my first sugar intake in months) and throughout the next 48 hours I experienced the sort of shedding I had forgotten I ever endured. If you are experiencing hair loss. You can slow it down. And that’s a fact. And you can speed it up. And that’s also a fact. For me eating foods with sugar in them speeds it up and avoiding foods with sugar slows it down. And this just isn’t my experience, there are numerous studies that prove this.

  3. Hello Dr.Rassman,
    I was experiencing hair fall, so my doctor prescribed me BTN plus tablets and BTN solution, i took it for 2 months and my hair fall was arrested for a month but after discontinuing the medicine for a month my hair fall has resurfaced. So i want to ask is that i have to continue this medicine for how long or forever?

  4. Dan,

    I second your connection with sugar and hair loss [FOR ME]! After going on an elimination diet (including sugar) and then adding sugar back in, I started loosing my hair every single day for 2 months, when I eliminated sugar again. Within 24hrs my hair loss slowed and after four days was back to a few hairs a day.

    Further note: I have confirmed by blood test IGA reactions to Wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs and cane sugar.

    Hope this helps others.

  5. I really don’t care for the taste of sugar,
    or if my hair falls out.

    But if it increases DHT, I’m all for it =D

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