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Prince William has found himself in a hairy situation. The British royal, 27, appears on the new cover of Hello! Magazine with a suspicious head of full, dark hair, a far cry from his usual thinning mane. While it looks as though the prince dyed his hair, inside images prove the cover photo may have been the result of some clever lighting or avid Photoshopping.

William sports his traditional dark blond locks in additional photos found inside the British tabloid, the Daily Mail reports.

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Prince William appears to have some hair thinning with his natural hair color, but the photo of the Prince with dark hair look like the work of Photoshop. Not only is his hair darker, but it looks thicker than in other pictures I’ve seen. Judge for yourself:

Prince William
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2 thoughts on “In the News – Prince William’s Hair

  1. I wish everyone would leave William alone about his hair. It must be very hard living your entire life under the scrutiny of the entire world.

  2. And living your life under the scrutiny of the world must put a lot of unnecessary stress on ones self. Certainly doesn’t help the hairloss

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