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Any word on Histogen? I haven’t seen any news from them in a long time now. There hasn’t been any news posted to their website since last August. I know you said you don’t have inisder info but i didn’t know if maybe your doctor mailing list or industry letters talk about it.


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HistogenI did hear one thing about Histogen, and that related to a patent violation. I found this article via Google from a couple months ago that has some interesting news…

Histogen was hit with a patent lawsuit last year by SkinMedica, though the article doesn’t say which patents are in possible violation. Following that, their investors pulled out and they laid off all their employees. They still say 85% of their 2 dozen test patients saw results, though I have no idea what is considered a positive result in their book or if their testing will be expanded beyond that small number of people. One thing is certain — if the patent litigation doesn’t come out in their favor, they’ll need to strike an agreement with SkinMedica or go the way of the dodo. The CEO sounds very positive, but I suppose when you’re looking for new investors you should always have a positive outlook in interviews.

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