New Results from Histogen Announced

Dr. Rassman

I´ve found this new updates from Histogen(with pictures) and all this sounds very promising from my point of view. What is your opinion on this? Thank you for your time.

An interview with dr. Gail Naughton: here

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The new Histogen Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) results come from a pilot study of 24 people, but I have no idea how many of those were treated with a placebo, how many actually saw results, if the results were sustained over time, if there were adverse reactions, etc, etc. Their site says Histogen will present the study at a conference in May, so I guess these questions won’t have an answer until at least then.

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7 thoughts on “New Results from Histogen Announced

  1. The pessimism seems kind of strong here… Not saying it’s any kind of guarantee but it is clearly more promising than anything on the market right now. Increased thickness, density and terminal hairs across the board from just one injection, which continued to increase even after a year without continued treatment? It even grows new hair follicles. Sounds pretty solid to me.

  2. Remember, it’s a pilot study of two dozen people, some of which were being given a placebo. Is it worth getting too excited about? It’s a start though, of course.

    Not necessarily pessimistic, but more like a realist. We’re still talking waiting years before this is available and that is IF things go perfectly to schedule (which they usually don’t).

  3. “In addition to the number of new hairs, a statistically significant (p<0.05) increase in hair density, which is directly related to hair count over the treatment areas, was also seen at the one-year timepoint. Other efficacy factors, such as hair thickness and terminal hair density, showed an upward trend at this timepoint as well.”

    “The pilot trial tested two formulations of HSC and, although one formulation was determined to be superior, significant new hair growth was seen in both groups. (p=0.032)”

    ” No adverse events were seen at any timepoint, including the one year follow-up.”

    sounds like a win to me….. and the CEO seemed beyond optimistic in an interview on The Bald Truth…. She seemed like they found no adverse effects and would see it in the asian market by 2013. I wonder if even better results come out if tey could expedite the process

  4. I should also add that in the interview, the CEO said that one treament they somewhat cut up the scalp and applied the HSC and in another they didnt…. The non abrasive HSC application worked best.. so thats also good news…

    She (the CEO) really sounds beyond optimistic and almost taken by surprise at HSC one year results…

    def listen to the interview

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