Jon Gosselin’s Hair Looks Like Crap!

I love the site and am a big fan but I’ve recently seen something troubling regarding a famous patient of yours. I admit to watching that Jon and Kate Plus 8 show (my wife liked it) and I saw the episode of Jon getting the hair transplant. I’ve been losing hair for years and I was intrigued, so I researched it and I came across your work and found this site.

After seeing your posts about Jon Gosselin’s great looking hair transplant I was almost considering a flight to LA but now I see this new photo of Jon and I’m quite nervous about it. So my question is, why does Jon Gosselin’s hair look like crap now after his hair transplant? Was it a problem with the transplant or just nature taking its course?

Here’s the photo

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Jon GosselinWe actually addressed Jon Gosselin’s hair loss back in December, but I’ll give it another try. If you follow this site, you should be well aware that my overriding point is that hair loss is progressive with no cure, and although medication might slow the loss down, it won’t stop it forever. A hair transplant procedure is an option, but it does not bring back the hairs you lost. Hair transplants work by rearranging your small area of permanent hair (from the back of your scalp) to a big area where you are balding. With any sense of logic it is clear that you can never have full original hair density.

We rearranged Jon’s hair to the front to give him a non-balding frame to his face. He was well aware that he would continue to lose his original (non-transplanted) hair and that he may need further hair transplant surgery. He was advised at that time to take Propecia to slow this process down. Keep in mind that the hairs we transplanted are still there (even in harsh direct sun light), but the natural progression did occur. Here’s a side-by-side of the pre-surgical hairline (the area that was transplanted is circled) with the “faux-hawk” style in the photo you sent:

Gosselin hair

I have no clue if Jon took Propecia, used minoxidil, or just let nature take its course… but it appears that he’s not done much to treat his hair loss beyond the televised hair transplant. I agree that his hair doesn’t look as good as it did even last year, but in the end, Jon will continue to lose his hair in the areas where we didn’t transplant any grafts. It is not my place to critique his choice in hairstyles or force him to come in for a follow-up with me. If he elects to have another session of transplants to extend the work further back in the areas where he is clearly losing more hair, that is his choice to make.

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10 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin’s Hair Looks Like Crap!

  1. Hey doctor
    The before and after pics of a person recieving around 2000 grafts on your website shows much better results than that above. Are those pictures on the website honest? (as in the haven\’t been altered to look better) I ask this because if 2000 grafts get you the results as above, then i definitely will be changing my mind on getting a procedure

  2. Wow Jon’s hair is really not looking good! All that child support stress seems to literally be getting to his head! This is really good hair loss information though, I enjoyed this post.

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