Hello, im hoping you could kindly help me please? Ive been suffering hair thinning and balding patches for the last two to three years, gradually becoming worse, i have naturally long dark curly hair. I have had been given all sorts of treatments to try and im under the care of a Trichologist and a Dermatologist, ive finished my Minoxodil 4% as the 2% wasnt strong enough, but unfortunately it has not worked, so i went back today to see the consultant dermatologist and he told me he would like to try the steroid injections into the scalp, but i would like to have hair transplant as it is affecting my confidence and feel ugly and constantly compare myself to other women.

Im 28 years old, female, and studying to become a doctor, so i just put the hairloss down to stress but its been over to years now and its worse, please help! Is my doctor correct in trying the injections? he said the transplant would not work. my hairloss and thinning is on my temple area and around the size of the bottom of a mug (cup) and hair thinning on my roots. Thank you for your help.

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You need a real diagnosis, and I really can’t help you without that. There is no definitive medical solution for genetic hair loss in women in most instances. You are wasting money by seeing all these specialists and you may end up worse off after these invasive procedures that may not work. Steroids have never been proven to work for genetic female hair loss, but do work for particular diseases like alopecia areata. Plus, steroid injections to the scalp often cause hair loss.

As you say you are studying to be a physician, empower yourself by educating yourself on women’s hair loss issues and treatment. Hair loss in women can be from a variety of reasons, some of which are listed here. As for hair transplants, many women just are not candidates, but I couldn’t specifically say whether you are or not as I’ve never examined your loss.

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