Bonding Single Strands of Hair Directly to the Scalp?

Could you please indicate why the following approach doesn’t seem to be option as far as I can see on the market?

I’m wondering why there are no companies offering to attach single strands of hair (real or fake) directly to the scalp using some type of bonding adhesive. No mesh or anything like that but bonding the miniscule head of a strand to the scalp with adhesive. These strands would stay attached during showers, etc. until one could wash out the attached hairs with a special shampoo that can break the adhesive bonds. Or even better if the bonds can break down themselves over a reasonable duration of say a few weeks.

Then one would proceed to attach “fresh” strands as required. It would be like going to a hairstylist except one would go to add these strands. This would avoid the non-breathing aspect of hair pieces and possible traction alopecia. I’m sure the cost may be relatively high for the manual work but it may be the only option for some people who have limited options. I can envision a machine that might be able to do this efficiently as well.

Is there no such bonding material for the skin available in the medical community that would last for weeks at a time? Thank you for your informative blog.

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Cyanoacrylate (more commonly known as Super Glue) is used in medical glues and can probably accomplish part of what you want. However, the skin does cycle and the top layer of skin often comes off, taking the glue with it. What you are describing would take a lot or work. Who do you imagine would do it if you couldn’t get your machine invented?

It’s fun to come up with new ideas, but this just doesn’t sound reasonable due to the time and effort to make it look natural. Hairs can’t just be dropped on the head randomly after smearing glue on your scalp.

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2 thoughts on “Bonding Single Strands of Hair Directly to the Scalp?

  1. Actually Dr Rassman, there is a hair bonding technique, similar to what the reader has described, and It is called the microdot process and it bonds on hairs to your scalp, with the existing hairs.
    You can read more about this process at

  2. Xtrands from hair club (Clinics in USA and Canada I guess) they do almost same. They put single-single strands to existing hairs. But its a club as far as I know which charge based on half-yearly. They replace strands and style them as you want in every 2-3 months.

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