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I have recently come across with this product: Go Away Gray

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No gray hairI have no experience with Go Away Gray (and this is the first I’ve read of it), but I invite my readers to comment if they do have experience with this pill that promises to make gray hair disappear. What I could find on it (aside from a ton of sites trying to sell it) was that the pill contains catalase, and a study from last year did find that gray hair was caused by the body’s lack of catalase production as we age. That isn’t enough to convince me just yet, but I am open to learning more about this and reading some actual reviews. You can read more about last year’s gray/catalase stories here and here.

CBS stations around the US picked up the story and ran it in their local markets, causing at least one TV critic to dig a little deeper into why the product is getting all this publicity (see here).

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  1. Wouldn’t an enzyme like catalase simply be denatured and degraded by proteolysis (digestion) and never enter the bloodstream or scalp tissue intact? The only practical enzyme pills I’m aware of are digestive aids like lactase and alpha-galactosidase which work on food in the gut before being degraded.

  2. won’t work, the bottle says “made with natural ingrediants”
    natural ingredients = snake oil

    i never had greying but i just don’t see what’s so bad about using hair dye and reapplying a bit at the roots every 2 weeks

  3. I’m 27 year old male and have been taking 2 pills 2 times a day for 62 days as of today. I’m currently about 30% gray and have not seen a difference in my hair color since taking the pills. I have one bottle left and will take the rest of the pills but I don’t think that It going to do anything for me. I’ve been trying to find reviews on the product and have not found anything but people just trying to sell the product.

  4. I am 44 soon to be 45 in Jan. I have been taking it for almost 3 months. No change at all and get my hair cut every 3 weeks.

  5. Waste of money – from one that actually tried it. Mostly so that I could write reviews like this with impunity. 60 days on the stuff – and no difference at all. None

  6. They tell you a month wont be enough to see results, so you have to buy a two month supply if you are really going to give a chance. They must now iy’s not going to work, and this way they just sold 2 bottles to all the fools out there, INCLUDING ME, that spent the allmost 60 dlls and believe, NOT ONE HAIR, NOT ONE LESS GRAY HAIR.
    So whats my opinion of this product “DON’T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY” to bad the goverment via the FDA don’t do anything to help us “FOOL’S” that believe in this and thousand’s of products that as long they don’t call them selves drugs, but instead “DIETARY SUPPLEMENT” they can sell us any false promise.
    They’ll just keep selling two bottles (I KNOW, NOBODY IS GOING TO BUY A THIRD)to all of us (THE FOOLS) out there, and us being so many, theyll keep it up, untill they sold two bottles to each one of us, and they’ll start with a new product, preying on us again.

    I hope this helps somehow, KEEP YOUR MONEY< SPEND IT IN SOMETHING THAT WILL GIVE YOU PLEASURE, food, movie, book, but don’t throw it away.

  7. I don’t know if the stuff works or not and I never will. After the second day, I became so violently ill I couldn’t even sip water. I couldn’t keep anything down for two days and it took 5 more days of meds the get the diarrhea under control and I had more gas than the Marcellus Shale. I’ve never experienced anything quite like that. So after I finally got it under control and could eat my 1st solid food in 6 days, I thought maybe it wasn’t the Go Away Gray, but maybe food poisoning or a flash flu of some kind, so today I took just one capsule, and oh brother – here it comes again! Has anyone else gotten sick from it? Not only is that stuff bogus, but I say dangerous as well. Too bad! I really wanted it to work.

  8. Hmmmm, first time I ever heard of a pill that is suppose to get rid of gray hair. I don’t think I will try it. I’d rather spend $8 on a bottle of Garnier Nutrisse (which I know will work) than spend $30 for something that doesn’t even work.

  9. Wow, I did believe in a miracle for a while… wholehearted thanks to all ! Now they are boosting their product through 100% satisfied or remboursed formula… just relying on lazy people.. Moreover they use a shortcut concerning “Wnt” protein’ reserch’ results to trick furtherly their potential victims.
    Atually I do not see anything else than waiting for wnt developments..

  10. Well I was one of the fools to try this product. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Tried it for 2 months and still have just as much grey hair as when I started.

  11. I am 31 and I’m going gray under my roots, I have seen some improvement since taking go away gray, people need to realize this will take some time and to make sure to only use this supplement during or after you have ate a meal (catalase doesn’t digest very well unless your eating something in between to help it digest), sure I am not 100% yet, but it is working, slowly but surely, but make sure you take it twice a day with food no exceptions.

    But then again we can always wait until researchers have the protean WNT (the closest thing to a cure) made into pill form or even shampoos.

  12. The majority of the reviews are negative about these products. Anybody wanting to try these products should ask for a free sample to see if it works first, then give them your credit card number. Most venders will not give u a free sample because they know it does not work!!

  13. Ted from PGH, sounds like you found a great diet pill. I’ve been looking for something that could be a dietary supplement as well to help shed some lbs…looks like this might be the answer.

  14. Not promoting Go Away Grey, but to be fair, supplements and herbs take time to work. 2 months is probably not nearly long enough to see changes in something as drastic as grey hair reversal. This stuff has been around a while, does anyone have before and after pictures? I’ve seen quite a few positive reviews but they all seem suspiciously vague to me. If the people at Go Away Grey are on the up and up and want to silence the naysayers, publish some photographs and testimonials from verifiable sources. It’s true, not every supplement works the same for everybody. Drugs are the same. Your doctor waits for you or your test results to verify that a drug is working the way it should for you.
    Maybe this works for some and not for others.

  15. After 4 weeks of taking the Go Away Grey Pills I have
    noticed a difference; new dark hair coming in on
    the scalp and face will continue to use it.

  16. Grey hair is funny. In my bathroom mirror I look like I’m maybe 50% grey. When I see myself outside in a shop window I look like I’m 125 years old – completely white.
    I have lots of hair and a short beard and I’ve decided to do my own semi- scientific study. I shot very detailed pictures of my beard and some of my hair line ( and overall for much later comparisons). I can count the hairs in these shots. I’ve been taking Go Away Grey for three weeks, so I’ll keep posting as I go.

  17. Passed the 40 day mark. Some days I think wow! I’m seeing changes – new dark hair. If it’s true, it’s not enough yet to make a real case. Honestly, so far I think it’s only lighting and wishful thinking. But I’ll keep going and report back.

  18. 60 days. No change in my gray hair. Some claim it was after this point they began to see results. We’ll see.

  19. Just passed the 90 day mark. It’s super slow but I have had a few hairs come in dark at the root – nothing really convincing to show yet, however. Encouraging enough to keep going though. I’ll check back at day 120.
    One other thing – my hair is in much better shape. I have a small bald-ish spot at the crown of my head and it is filling back in. Overall it’s thicker and fuller – enough to elicit two comments out of the blue from work friends. So if nothing else, that’s not so bad.

  20. Bought TWO bottles and I am still gray. I can agree with the rest by saying it DOES NOT WORK! The only good thing about the shampoo is that it smells good!

  21. My wife and I have both been using the product according to instructions for the past 4 months or so (we are in our early 50’s). It has worked better for her than for me. She used to dye her hair regularly, but hasn’t done so since beginning the product. I’d say about 2/3 of her gray hair has begun coming in her natural brown. For me, I’ve experienced about a 20% reduction in gray hair overall. So, my verdict is that it works to a limited extent.

  22. Passed day 120 a couple of weeks ago. So, I can say that this stuff definitely works, but excrutiatingly slowly. It took months to see any changes and the changes I HAVE seen are small. Granted, I am concentrating on my beard (which is very easy to see changes), but judging by how much earlier beard hair goes grey than scalp hair, I’m probably using the hardest gauge to measure success. If I were to make an educated guess, Catalase ingested through the digestive system is just not a very good method. My impression is that I am getting the effects of the portion of the Catalase that survives the trip and that probably isn’t much. I am still enjoying the benefits I mentioned above so I am continuing and will check in on day 150.

  23. I have enjoyed reading all the posts. I found out about this product this morning and got really excited. In answer to Jack saying that he doesn’t see what’s so bad about dying your hair ever two weeks……Jack, it wouldn’t be so bad if you had eyes in the back of your head to help you cover the gray that is there, and I have to wonder what all those Chemicals can do applying every couple of weeks. I am really disappointed that the tablets don’t seem to work for a lot of people, I think I will wait and see what happens with the medical studies. Thanks to Batri for the running posts, seems like its working for you albeit slowely, did you take any photo’s ? :-)

  24. Sorry to be slow on this. I spent over a month in Asia on business and forgot to bring my pills so it gave me a chance to test this stuff. The few hairs I can see in my beard (that returned to my natural dark brown after using Go Away Grey for several months) began to lighten and return to grey. So that convinced me to keep it up. I’m on day 210.
    I think I can say, for me, it works. But it takes time. I’ve researched the ingredients and all are way under dosages that would be problematic, so I may up the dose by 1 pill a day (to 3 a day).
    Also, without being a physiologist, someone mentioned taking the pills between meals. For the vitamin content, taking them with meals is best for absorption. But more of the Catalase might have a better chance of surviving the digestive system if it was taken between meals. If I do either of these I will report back.
    Jenjen, I have comprehensive “before” photos. When I have more to show I’ll set up a Flickr page or something so people can look.
    I will check back at day 240.

  25. Sorry, one last thing. Honestly, most people would probably feel the expense is not worth the few gains I’ve seen so far.
    For me, I don’t mind the cost and I’m encouraged by the results. My experience with supplements has been that you see modest improvement for a while then much faster and greater gains later after your body resolves some of the issues the supplements were designed to address. So I’m interested to see if that happens here.

  26. Has anyone had any bad “reactions” to taking these anti-grey pills? I have had some dizzy spells and hypertension as a- possible- side effect of taking these pills for over 6 months now.
    They seem to have made a difference in my hair, but it was slow going to pick up and I stopped taking them b/c I started feeling unwell from them.

  27. My boyfriend started taking this pill and got very ill from it.He experienced dizziness,vertigo and hypotension.Every time he changed positions he felt very weak and was actually in bed for a day.He is rarely ill and the only thing that he did differently was take those pills.I looked at the daily values on the labels and they way exceed the required amount.I will not recommend this product.It’s great to have a head of dark hair in older years but I will rather be alive with grey hair.

  28. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! To everyone who posted their experience. So glad for the WWW and being able to share information like this.

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