Just a Bad Haircut or am I Going Bald?

I’m currently 35 years old & I know I shouldn’t worry about it but I think about my hair quite often. I am probably currently a NW2 & have a little thinning in my temples but what I just noticed recently after getting a haircut that the hair in my front & my back kind of make a split in the upper sides of my head. When I push my hair back in that area, I can see maybe thinner hair & some of my skin starting to show through. I haven’t really noticed it this much since I recently gotten a haircut. Do you think my haircut could be the cause of this, that maybe the barber cut a little more in that area in others?

Or if I’m on my way to progress to a NW7. I’m 35 & actually my uncle on my mom’s side but progressed to this when he was 26. Is there still a chance that I could be that at 35? Thank you so much & sorry about so many questions, just kind of confused.

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ScissorsIf you’re maybe a Norwood Class 2 at 35 years old, you shouldn’t be so quick to make the assumption that you’ll see a progression of hair loss all the way to a Norwood 7 just because you see some thinning when you move your hair around. Is there a chance? Sure, anything is possible. I couldn’t make any determination about your case without an exam, though.

Fine hair will be see-through when it is cut short. You’re going to make yourself crazy by constantly checking for hair loss that might not be there, so see a good doctor who can do a miniaturization mapping of your scalp and hair to let you know if there is a problem. Maybe it is just as simple as a bad hair cut!

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