I have not seen any postings regarding the new LaserCap device that is now available for a cost of $3000 and would like to get your opinion.

Here’s a brief summary:

LaserCap is a 224 laser, portable, wearable under any hat device for intensive at-home use low level laser treatment, with comparable power to the leading FDA cleared in-office laser dome device – please see enclosed comparison chart (link here ). LaserCap is currently in pre-clinical testing in preparation for FDA trials to demonstrate efficacy as a hair re-growth device in women and men with androgenetic alopecia. LaserCap’s predicate device for FDA submission is the in-office 82 laser stationary dome device MEP-90 which was recently cleared by the FDA for efficacy in promoting hair growth in females with androgenetic alopecia.

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LasercapWe have posted many times on the efficacy of lasers for hair growth, and in my opinion, it simply does not work. But alas, it’s my opinion… and if you or anyone who buys and wears a “laser cap” can show me proof of the before/after results, then maybe my opinion will change. For a $3000 baseball cap with lights in it, it seems like an expensive gamble.

Realistically as I think more about it, it would be very difficult for me to recommend a product like this to someone with a straight face. It makes me wonder if generations in the future will point to this device and laugh as they point to the vibrating-belt weight loss machines from the 1950s.

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  1. i wish people could get over this:
    a laser is a beam of light,
    that’s it
    it’s created with a couple of mirrors and a phosphor, there is nothing magical about them
    the only 3 uses it has is cutting, cooling and alignment

  2. One other comment I wanted to address was regarding Dr. Rassman’s statement that ”if generations in the future will point to this device and laugh as they point to the vibrating-belt weight loss machines from the 1950s”

    Well…that just may be true. But the same thing can be said about Hair transplants as well….laughing at the fact that Doctors used to drill thousands of holes in patients heads and implant hairs that they took from the back of the head. LOL!

    Reminds me of Star Trek The Voyage Home where the Crew go back to 20th Centruy Earth to retrieve two Humpback whales.

    Chekhov suffers an accident and he is in surgery and the doctors are preparing to relieve pressure on the brain by drilling holes in his head….And Dr. McCoy chastises the doctor by saying, ‘My God man! You don’t drill holes in his head!!!’ Funny!

    The point here being is that you can only use the tools available to you.
    As new treatments evolve, so do you.

  3. with all due respect to Dr Rassman, a 10mw Laser diode will cost you over 2usd (with driver electronics) and that is if you order it bulk, directly from the Chinese factory!! If I order 5000 pieces, I can get the price down to 1.70 USD. So a 224 laser cap is approximatly 500 usd per application, thats just the laser diodes ALONE, you still have to manufacture the hat, buy the lithium ion battery it runs on, take your profit margin and pay taxes, etc etc etc ect.

    So a 3000 usd pricetag is good priced considering.

    Sorry for the typos, I am from Belgium, and English is not my native tungue!

  4. The caps are sold in both 10mw and 5mw, so I was talking about top of the line model, we speak they pushed the limit up to 20mw,.., cant go higher because of heat generation, then you would need something different then a hat.

    Laser diodes are not mere lights, laser diodes are used to measure oxygen level in blood, blood speed (Laser doppler aneometry) these things are not possible with normal light leds, you need a laser for that. So every first emergency room uses these lasers devices because of the diffraction properties of laser (or any coherent beam), maybe you could ask them to use normal led lights instead,..would save them a bundle.

  5. Hi People, so Ive never used LAser before – but I have used something called ETG developed by a company called Current Technology out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. They have developed (several years ago now) a salon style chair with hood tha delivers a pulsed electrostatic field to help sustain and help regrow hair. I used this devide for 8 years – and it works incredibly well. It is the only Clinically proven device to stop hairloss and regrow hair. Clinical trials have been completed in Australia, and canada, and the Device is marketed under the name CTG – Cosmetic Trico Genesis in the U.S. and is referred to as ETG – Electro Trico Genesis everywhere else.

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