I have not seen any postings regarding the new LaserCap device that is now available for a cost of $3000 and would like to get your opinion.

Here’s a brief summary:

LaserCap is a 224 laser, portable, wearable under any hat device for intensive at-home use low level laser treatment, with comparable power to the leading FDA cleared in-office laser dome device – please see enclosed comparison chart (link here ). LaserCap is currently in pre-clinical testing in preparation for FDA trials to demonstrate efficacy as a hair re-growth device in women and men with androgenetic alopecia. LaserCap’s predicate device for FDA submission is the in-office 82 laser stationary dome device MEP-90 which was recently cleared by the FDA for efficacy in promoting hair growth in females with androgenetic alopecia.

Block Quote

LasercapWe have posted many times on the efficacy of lasers for hair growth, and in my opinion, it simply does not work. But alas, it’s my opinion… and if you or anyone who buys and wears a “laser cap” can show me proof of the before/after results, then maybe my opinion will change. For a $3000 baseball cap with lights in it, it seems like an expensive gamble.

Realistically as I think more about it, it would be very difficult for me to recommend a product like this to someone with a straight face. It makes me wonder if generations in the future will point to this device and laugh as they point to the vibrating-belt weight loss machines from the 1950s.

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