Dr Rassman, you are really doing such an amazing and praiseful work.

I just wanted to know your thoughts about Renokin, it claims to create new hair follices and arrest hairloss. here is the link to their website

Thanks!! looking forward to your response.

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RenokinI’m not sure what to think of Renokin. It’s a new product that consists of three steps (shampoo, conditioner, spray) and claims to regrow hair. I’ve seen so many that follow this same structure of outlandish claims, little evidence, and nobody taking these to task. Whether it works or not, I couldn’t say. I’ve got no experience with it and it is apparently quite new to market. The product is being sold as a cosmetic, not a medication, so there are less legal boundaries that the company needs to deal with when selling it. In other words, they aren’t under the strict guidelines that a drug company must fall under to prove the product does what it says.

I do talk about Propecia, Rogaine, and their generics (finasteride and minoxidil), because they are the only proven medications that work for treating hair loss. Even these medications do not cure or stop hair loss completely, though. To many hopeful readers I probably sound like a sour-puss, because I do not believe in most of the products that are sold with claims of halting hair loss or regrowing hair. Fair enough. If I see satisfactory evidence to the contrary, I’m fully willing to change my tune… but this is my blog and my opinions from years of being in the business of hair loss.

If you wish to try Renokin or products like it that offer more marketing than substance, please do so at your own risk… the risk being your bank account most of the time.

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