Coconut Oil Head Massage

What are the benefits and drawbacks of head massage with oil? Some people get a vigorous head massage using olive/coconut oil. Whats your opinion?

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CoconutMy opinion is that a head/scalp massage feels nice, and I quite enjoy the smell of coconut oil. Aside from relaxation and perhaps stress relief, massages with coconut or olive oil do not have any association with hair loss (if that is what you were asking). I’ve also read that the oils can help if you have a dry scalp, but I’ve never used them for that.

There are lots of claims about scalp massage being a way to treat hair loss due to helping with blood flow throughout the scalp, but blood flow issues aren’t usually the cause of hair loss. Genetics are the reason for the great majority of hair loss cases, not poor circulation.

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  1. Hi Docor Rassman- quick question. You claim cigarettes may cause hairloss primarily due to poor circulation to the scalp (in posts prior to this). Here you state circulation or blood flow issues aren’t a cause of hairloss. Can you clear the confusion these present?

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