Did Applying Nair On My Scalp Cause Permanent Damage?

Doctors. Thank you for your time.

I am a male aged 37. Perhaps 15 years ago my girlfriend shaved my head. She lost interest. To finish the job, and do it “correctly” I lathered my head in Nair (a product used mostly by women to remove unwanted hair ). The “balding” pattern I experience is not shared by the men in my family……father, grandfather etc.

I have the same weak point on the spot for roughly ten years now. The quality and quantity degenerate, but not at the same pace as those who seem to bald genetically. I have new growth, baby hairs, but nothing aggressive like on the rest of my head. Would the hair remover have damaged the growth indefinitely or am I able to find a silver bullet?

I too consider HGH as a lifestyle / quality supplement. Would this assist in refocusing the follicles energies if the reason for the hair loss is the result of the hair removal cream.

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NairI doubt your hair loss is related to what you did with Nair 15 years ago. Nair doesn’t cause permanent loss, especially after one application. There might’ve been some kind of chemical burn in the area, but I can’t imagine it would last for this long (and you didn’t mention experiencing any prolonged skin irritation either).

My bet is on genetic male pattern balding, as it in 99% of men who are losing hair. I doubt HGH will help this, but it sounds like you’re already using it anyway.

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