Hair Multiplication and Regenerating Limbs (Video)

Nearly 3 years ago we posted about limb regeneration, and at the time I stated, “I read this material with great anticipation that someday we will see such breakthroughs available to us all, but I couldn’t say when that might happen.” While I was initially skeptical that this would be made available for hair loss patients so soon, Dr. Cooley’s presentation at the recent ISHRS meeting shows that it can be effective for hair.

Someone recently pointed out a video from CBS News about extracellular matrix that aired in early 2008 that I don’t recall seeing, so I wanted to bring it to light here:

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17 thoughts on “Hair Multiplication and Regenerating Limbs (Video)

  1. Sorry, I have an error:
    I have said: “only a small part of his distal phalanx was cut off”.

    My wrong. Apparently, the distal bone was intact. Only flesh was removed. No bone was lost.

    (I had this same error when I posted at Hairsite 10 months ago).

    Professor Stephen Kaye, a consultant plastic and hand surgeon at Leeds University, poured cold water on Dr Badylak’s claims.

    Asked if he was surprised that Mr Spievack’s finger “grew back” he said: “Not in the slightest.”

    Prof Kaye added: “The pictures I’ve seen on the web show a wound I would have expected to heal and regenerate in any case.

    “The end of the finger is extremely good at regeneration. The pictures we’ve seen on the web show no evidence of loss of bone, nerve or tendon material, but regeneration and repair of skin – which is exactly what the fingertip does.”

    He added that the photographs appeared to portray a “very commonplace transverse amputation of the very end of the fingertip” and not someone who had lost the last phalanx of his finger, as Dr Badylak claimed.

    Prof Kaye said extra-cellular matrix was an acknowldged way of promoting wound healing, but pointed out that there was a “big difference” between healing and regeneration.

    “I don’t want people to have false hopes,” he told the Radio 4’s The World Tonight news programme.

  2. You are sick dude. You are sitting infront your PC and trying to prove who lies and who desn’t, what happend whith this fingertip and what doesn’t. Are you a doctor?! Don’t be silly please. Leave this to the doctors. I don’t care what this old man Spievack says and if acell really regenerates bones and nails. This blog is about hairloss, so the most important is if acell can do something about hair regeneration.

  3. @Steven: if I am a “sick dude”, I wonder what you are?.

    1. I am not a doctor, but I have quoted Professor Stephen Kaye, who is a hand surgeon. Other doctors, and people who are experts in the field have expressed simmilar oppinions.

    2. Did you even read my post?

    3. This blog is about hairloss, but this blog entry is about finger regeneration. So, it seems that I am totally IN-topic.

    4. If you have something worthy to say, please post it.

    5. Who are you? Do you post in other hair forums, please, tell us who you are so that we all know who you are.

    @Bob: I am talking about the finger, not the follicles.
    Points 1) to 5) adressed to Steven also apply to you.

  4. Spanish Dude, once again you have poisoned the forum with your sickness, childish insults, observations and crackpot conspiracy theories. You need help. But most of all, you need to leave the rest of us alone on the forums. Stop posting. Nobody likes or cares what you’ve ever had to say. Don’t bother responding to this either, because it only makes you look more stupid.


    You’d think a blog about male pattern baldness would attract mostly grown men, but some of you behave like children who have just been told that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and you misdirect your frustrations towards the person who gives you a reality check. You’ve done the same to dr. Rassman in the past, and now you all jump on the Spanish dude.


    You are the ones being childish, sick and irrational.

  6. Thanks Thomas.
    The funny thing is that I am not even commenting on the possibility that Acell could multiply hairs.
    I just commented on the “finger regrowth” story, which is confirmed all over the internet as a total hoax and manipulation.
    This “finger regrowth story” has been used by Acell to become famous. In other words, Acell is famous because of this lie.

    And I wonder how, if this magic dust is so wonderful, why does it need to be promoted using a lie?


    You are behaving like a child. There is no way you can prove that acell are lying. There are hundrets of possible explonations about every clue you have found and I am not going to waste my tame to argue with you!

    With your comments you are only proving how sick you are. Do you think that acell will post this photos if they look fake? WHY DO YOU THINK DR. RASSMAN HAS POSTED THIS VIDEO? Is he blind?

    Your miserable conspiracy theories are not interesting for anyone. You are like the guys who slam finasteride, hair transplants and everything on the world that is working well for millions!

    There is no hope for your sick mind! If you are one of those poor guys, who are NW6-7-8+++ and don’t have money for HT, please leave us alone!

    I hope that dr. Rassman posts a comment here to shut your mouth.

  8. Spanish Dude, you simply make the rest of us look bad. You are certifiably insane with your conspiracy theories. These are good doctors who are trying to advance better treatments for hair loss – and medical conditions in general – and here you are calling them LIARS. That’s sick and pathetic. You are a troubled, sad man. You do this all the time. Everything is an evil plot in your mind. And I love how you say ‘it’s been confirmed ALL over the internet’ like that’s supposed to mean something. Yes, there was an article out of a British tabloidy newspaper quoting some skeptical doctors some years ago. Nevermind the 99% of other evidence that’s out there proving this stuff is the real deal. Go away Spanish Dude. Get help.

  9. Unfortunately for you, the opinion of a person who is just able to post insults, and cowardly does it under multiple false nicks, is worthless.
    Oh, Leeroy.Jenkins/Iron_Man, you forgot to post the usual death threats, and your cheap Gho-propaganda.

  10. Unfortunately for you spanish dude, the comments are posted by different people, as you see my english is very bad and unfortunately the man who is posting insults and childish claims is you and when you have nothing to say you are simply insulting again. I told you man, you are mentaly disabled and nobody cares about comments from a mad man. The only thing you are doing is trying to kill the hope of the readers only because you are hopeless. You need to find another direction in your life. You simply can’t slam and insult all day long for years. I think everybody on this forum already knows what kind of person you are. Everybody on this forum dreams of a final solution of the baldness although we already have a good solution, H&W have proven to the world that even NW6 is not a problem. So if you are hopeless the problem is in you, not in us!

  11. “Oh, Leeroy.Jenkins/Iron_Man, you forgot to post the usual death threats, and your cheap Gho-propaganda.”

    I have never read another posts from you, except those under this video, but the fact that there are people who want to kill you once again proves how sick you are. The gho-propaganda is a crap and the man who has started it on this forum is very naiv.
    Spanish dude, you with your comments you are making the readers on this forum angry about you because you are not only against them, but also against any new hair loss treatement. There is no way you can find support from anybody.
    I hope that the moderators on this forum ban your ip or atleast don’t post your comments. I have written to dr Rassman to do something about this problem and to post a comment here. Nobody deserves to see such kind of discouraging comments like yours. You are damaging this wonderfull blog and DR RASSMAN does not deserve that.

  12. I told you that I have nothing to do with leroy/iron man nor with the other comments here. I told you to note that I am not english/us and I know that my bad english proves that very well.
    I told you that I am also AGAINST GHO and I have never said something about him.
    On this post YOU are insulting the regeneration idea, which was posted by dr Rassman here (clearly I am not the baldingblog senior editor), so you are making dr Rassman look like a fool. I doubt that dr Rassman is on your side!

  13. Dr Rassman also has the IPs, emails and countries from which the comments are beiing posted here. So this strategy from you to say that one man is posting aginst you will fail immediately when dr Rassman post a comment here.
    If you have better arguments why you are insulting this post from dr Rassman you can share them. I guess that dr Rassman is also part of your conspiracy theories? EH?

  14. No, I don’t think Dr. Rassman is conspiring for Acell. That is why I am posting here in his blog.
    Dr. Rassman is usually an sceptic, and I like him. That is why I have posted here these informations. To share them with him.

    5 different nicks have posted against me, and none have satisfied my request of telling me who they are.

    If you are against Gho, (I am too), there are Gho supporters out there who would insult you the same way that you are insulting me now.

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