Change of Weather Means a Change of Hair Texture?

Hello doctor,

My question is regarding weather and hairloss. I know in canada it gets really cold sometimes even -50, and i believe it effects my hair. I find my hair thinner and more brittle during winter and it becomes more straighter then usual (i have wavy air by the way and i would be a good candidate for a HT because i know i have frontal thinning but because of my wavy hair it covers the balding up) but during the summer it feels thicker and more brighter and wavier. I was just wondering if there are any studies showing weather and hair loss and texture or if its just a myth.

If it is just a myth then why am i experiencing all these hair characteristics during winter. I personally believe hair thins out during winter and becomes thicker during summer.

Thanks for your time. All the best.

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Cold weatherThere are no studies that I am aware of that look at a relationship between hair texture and weather. I think it is more of something we take as common sense that when the weather is cold and dry, our hairs and skin may be affected.

If your hair is dry in the winter months, then try using moisturizing shampoo. If your skin is dry and lips are chapped in the winter months (like many people) use moisturizing lotions and lip balm (Chapstick, for example). I don’t know if there is study that looks at dry skin and chapped lips in the winter/cold months, but I don’t think you need a study to prove that point either.

Scientifically, in cold months, the humidity in the air is much lower than warm summer months. That contributes to dry skin, chapped lips, and texture changes of your hair. There have been reports over the years from readers about thinning hair at different seasons, but I’ve got no medical reason for this.

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