Cosmetic Follicle Therapy?

What’s your thoughts on the procedures on Cosmetic Follicle Therapy?

I believe the procedure is to take a sample from your head (where there is hair). Take it to the US have it replicated 50-70k times. What this means is match with synthetic hair of some sort. Then attach it to the burn skin material and then place it on the balding part of your head. Similar to a system or wig type piece but more refined.

Do you know and understand this type of treatment?


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Burned skin? Implanting artificial hair is dangerous (due to scarring, infection, and irritation)… and not legal in the US. I’ve warned people about artificial hair implants on this site for over half a decade now. If you’re suggesting that some company is creating 50-70k real hairs in a lab and re-implanting those, well, that technology doesn’t exist.

It’s more likely an expensive hair system, and if that’s the case, the name would be the only thing unique about it. I’m hoping you’re just misunderstanding what some company is offering, though. If they are trying to sell you on having your hairs cloned in a lab, it’s a scam.

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