Cipla’s HairMax Gel Contains Minoxidil

Dr. Rassman, Thank you so much for your valuble insight. You are helping thousands of people without expecting a benefit. I am 27 years old I blieve I am norwood 3, My doctor prescribed propecia which I will be taking shortly. I just ran into Cipla’s Hair Max Gel, which has minoxidil 5%. Have you heard anything about this? I would greatly appreciate your insight.

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Hairmax GelThere are many lotions, potions, and similar products that are sold containing minoxidil. I have no real experience with most of them.

I haven’t heard of this HairMax Gel (unrelated to the hair laser sold by Lexington)… and the Cipla website does not offer any insights into the product that I can hang my hat on. I assume this is some kind of styling gel, but why would you need styling gel applied to a bald area? Unfortunately, all I can find in the Cipla product catalog is a photo of the packaging.

I’ll open it up to the blog readers to give their 2 cents. Anyone try this minoxidil gel?

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  1. Hi i’m a 34 year old man and i’m bald. I have never applied anything on my head but i saw an advert sponsored by CIPLA claiming they have a solution to grow back my hair. Is it possible? What would you recommend i apply on my fore head to grow back my hair?

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