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What is your opinion on TRX2?

L-Carnitine, nicotinic acid, Potassium … $ 50 .. 90 capsules. is it a scam?

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TRX2I would not say it is a “scam” per se, just that it is a buyer beware market. Everyone needs to understand that male pattern hair loss is a genetic trait. There is no product or drugs you can take to stop hair loss or grow it back completely.

We wrote about Trx2 a couple of years ago when it was first announced, and there’s still not much solid information available. I’ve not seen any peer-reviewed studies or even photos of results. Their site says there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, but I’ll leave the decision to try it up to you. Anyone have experience positive or negative with this supplement they’d like to share?

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  1. With the hair loss industry relying requiring some solid before and after photos to see results I find it strange they have none on their site. Not saying it doesn’t work but I would be interested in seeing the results.

  2. I know if I were a young entrepreneur making a hairloss treatment that actually worked or I thought that worked and could earn potential millions, I would try my hardest to provide clinical data and photos from a trial sample of people before I sold it.
    It has scam written all over it, but on the site he says he plans to do trials etc at the end of the year. Sounds like earn a fast buck from desperate people

  3. They have just published their clinical trial data. Looks impressive. I have been taking trx2 for 9 month now and I’m very impressed myself. hair looks much thicker and fuller now – i also got some regrowth in the frontal area. however check out the baldtruth thread as not everybody reports such positive results – seems different depending on your type of hair loss

  4. 18 month update:

    shedding: reduced to base level. i rarely find more than 10 hair in the shower after hair wash. almost no hair at the pillow in the morning

    regrowth: crown regrowth bit disapointing. feel like there hasn’t been much progress there. However, frontal regrowth and overall thickness fantastic. estimate that i’m at least 1 NW down (was NW 3 with tendency to going 4). trx2 has been a real relief to me as propecia didn’t work for me and gave me sides. minoxidil’s efficacy disappeared long time ago.

    i’m not the only one – as Againstthis says there is a huge thread on the baldtruth forum going on

  5. I saw it in Boots pharmacy for GBP 59.95…I think their website offers the best deal…with their membership you can get down to around GBP 39 and also get 3-pack free once a year

  6. Have been on trx2 since around 15 month. shedding stopped rapidly after around 2 month of use. regrowth took much longer but by now my hairline and crown considerably thickened up. all over my head of hair looks approx. like i had in 2004, i.e. 8 years ago…shipping to USA sometimes seems to be a pain – my parcel got caught by customs already 2 times – in each instances it took efforts to get my hands on the supplies.

  7. Miracle treatment. TRX2 has reduced my norwood around 1 degree. Using it since April 2011. No hesitation to recommend this treatment. However, shipping to USA is a pain – sometimes takes 2 weeks or longer when ordered via their official website

  8. not sure if miracle treatment but i’m on trx2 since 4 month and starting to see a difference, particularly in terms of hair volume. has anybody see actual regrowth in the temple area?

  9. yes having nice results on the hairline….on trx2 since 8 month. was sceptical in the beginning but can’t deny the improvements i have achieved with this.

  10. This stuff just works. I previously tried the whole other treatments propecia, rogaine saw palmetto etc. None of them nearly achieved what TRX2 did. Highly recommended.

  11. i’m a 42 year old female suffering from thinning hair since many years. found and started trx2 ca. 1 year ago. results have been surprising and improvements striking. I don’t hesitate to recommend this to every women suffering from hair loss and looking for more volume and meaningful results.

  12. I’m sorry to be sceptical but it looks as though (at least ) posts 5,9,10, and 11 were all written by the same person as they make the same grammatical mistakes. Surely if this stuff works, fictitious posts wouldn’t be needed….

  13. It worked great for me at the beginning – after 3 months, hair considerably thicker and more dense. Many people noticed the improvement. Then I started to shed a lot. Now, after 6 months, I am quickly going back to the initial situation. I hope it is a sort of synchronized shedding…Anyone experienced the same?

  14. 40 years old – male.
    I started 3.5 months ago and I’m shedding much more than before I started the treatment. I was very concerned about it, until I read Paul’s comment… this encourages me to go ahead… I hope that my hair goes back to the initial situation.

  15. I implore anyone considering this not to. Its a scam. I tried it for eighteen months and lost hair at a continued rate. No benefits!

    Be aware of fake comments praising it, its an elaborate rip off operation.

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