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I’m 31, and have been using Nioxin for about 6 years. My hair has always been thin and my hairline has been continuously receding since my early twenties. I do believe the Nioxin has helped slow my hair loss (I have a younger brother whose head is nearly bald!). But I still have major shedding every morning in the shower.

Now I see a new product called “HairSil” – which is “clinically proven with Bioactive Peptide TA-5.” What the heck is that stuff, and how would it benefit a balding head? I’m considering giving it a try but don’t want to throw away all those years I’ve invested in Nioxin already.

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I read on a forum where someone said the product claims “100% of patients in the study saw increased hair growth” and “80% saw a reduction in hair loss by 8 weeks“, but I can’t find an official site for HairSil that says that. If indeed that’s what the makers of HairSil actually claim, the FDA should probably look into it.

On the surface, HairSil just sounds like it’s a shampoo like any other. It’s hard to find much information on it outside of what others have written on hair loss forums. It’s worth noting that they offer a 20% commission to affiliates that sell this shampoo, so it might be another in a long line of products that people are hyping up just to get your money.

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  1. I have been using rogaine for 5 years, and it has worked ok not so much for growing hair, but to help you keep the remaining one.

    All of the sudden Rogaine stoped working for me, so I went to walmart and bougt hairsil, I searched on the wen and saw good reviews about it so I gave it a try.

    The first feeling was a more bold, think hair, and immediate stop hair loss.

    After the first bottle of use, my bald spot in the crown area has grown new hair, probably 50% less bald spot, and in the forehead as well, lots of new hairs growing in areas where I lost hair years ago.

    I will be happy to show you my own before and after photos, just email me at

    Belive me, I got new hair from the first bottle.

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