How Do I Become a Hair Transplant Technician?

Dr. Rassman
I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor for 20 years. I’ve witnessed all types of causes of hair loss from simple improper hair care, chemical damage, braids and hair extention damage, alopecia, medications, lupus,chemo and radiation.

I now find myself ready to embrace a higher level in my profession. I’m eager about becoming a trichologist and a hair transplant technician and was wondering if you had and advice on how and where I should start to embark on these two career paths. My passion and curiosity about the hair and scalp has got me wanting to absorb all I can so I may better service the public and feed my need for more knowledge. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.

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The training of a hair transplant technician is done only by doctors who are looking for new people and are willing to take on a trainee. Most people come from a medical assistant school and most states certify MAs, although the doctor can do the training in specific cases.

You need to contact a hair transplant doctor in your area and ask if he/she is taking on new people. It is a great career and for those who master the technical skill, they are generally well paid.

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