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Famously bald Seinfeld star Jason Alexander, 52, showed up to the 27th Annual C.S.A. Artios Awards in Beverly Hills Monday with a full head of hair.

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Source: Balding Jason Alexander Debuts Full Head of Hair

Jason AlexanderActor Jason Alexander (George Costanza from Seinfeld) recently acknowledged that it was a hair piece he wore to this event. We see that the result looks good and some might even say he looks younger.

One has to wonder if he considered going the permanent route with a hair transplant… or whether he would even be a good candidate for one. It’s possible that he could get good results if his hair thickness was not fine, if his hair density was at least average, and if he would be committed to following through to the completion of the process.

There’s a tremendous amount of upkeep involved with hair pieces, and since he’s well known for his bald appearance, perhaps he wanted to just go for temporary shock value by appearing with a full head of hair.

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  1. Mr. Alexander’s hair is very high on the sides and has been that way for some time. I believe he’d be a pretty good candidate.

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