My Temples Are Lighter In Color Than The Rest of My Hair

I am 28 and my temples are alot lighter in color and feel thinner than the rest of my hair. Does this indicate miniaturization and will I eventually lose this hair without treatment? Also, I feel like the corners of my hairlines are way further back than they should be. I have tried propecia and rogaine for the past 2 years and nothing has seemed to work. Bernstein hair told me that I wasnt a candidate for hair transplant yet but I am really self conscious about my hair. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thank you!

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Lighter color doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose that hair. Propecia and Rogaine aren’t likely going to help to regrow the temple peaks, as you’ve found out.

Without seeing you, I can not tell you what to do… but Dr. Bernstein is a good doctor and his opinion often mirrors mine. That being said, you can always get a second opinion. I just don’t know enough about you or your particular case to offer any real direction.

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