The Older You Get, Is The Risk of Hair Loss Lower?

Dear doctor how are you? In terms of demographics, I have read on this site the older you become the more hair loss you see. For example, when somebody hits their 30’s, 30% of the people are bald when somebody hits their 40’s, 40% of the people are bald etc. etc.

Could there also be a reversal of those statistics? For example, once a person hits their 30’s and they are not bald or only have minor thinning, 30% chance that they will not go bald and once in their 40’s, 40% chance they will not go bald etc. etc. I know its really hard to judge because everybody is different, but I just wanted your input and wanted to share it with the rest of the readers.

Thank you for a wonderful website site. Take care.

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Most balding occurs in men when they’re in their 20s, especially if they are destined for a more advanced hair loss pattern (Class 5 and higher). I can try to predict your pattern during an office visit by measuring your hair bulk and comparing it throughout the scalp. Early patterns that can not be seen with the naked eye can be measured and followed as you get older.

It is important to make your question personal, as none of us fall in any particular percentile, as it is just a statistical process.

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