1005 Grafts To Thicken the Hairline (with Photos)

First of all, let me thank you and your technicians and please convey my appreciation to the GREAT job they did in placing my grafts and for the fabulous technical job on my hair. I believe my regrowth was close to 100%. Grafts are very firmly rooted with no weak hairs that lie flat that I know of. I saw substantial new growth between the third and fourth months…I’d say from then up to six months when it was pretty much done. The grafts are very natural looking in the sense that texture and thickness is indistinguishable from other hair.

I’m extremely pleased with the appearance of the hairline and how the temples have filled in…it works very well with my features and the shape of my face…really well done on your part. I pull probably twenty-five white hairs from the first inch of the hairline because they look a little unnatural amongst the black hairs…I think it’s just the low density overall that makes it so. I just wish I had a spare three or four thousand hairs to throw at it!

The downsides? I now have more gray hairs around the scar line. The sutures took a long time to dissolve and were quite irritating. The scar line itself healed well but it’s still a scar line.

OK, I’ll stop by at some point so you can take a look in person…until then Best Wishes!

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Sometimes we get great results with less hair than we would have liked to use, because of donor supply limitations. His surgical history is that he had 1600 grafts from us in 1996, then 1900 grafts from another well known clinic, and finally another procedure of 1005 grafts with us 2 years ago. The before photos presented below are from just prior to that surgery in 2010, and you can guess to how his hair loss progressed over the years to that point.

The after photos were sent to us by the patient, so the quality, size, and lighting are all different from the before photos. Click to enlarge.

After (1005 grafts):




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1 thought on “1005 Grafts To Thicken the Hairline (with Photos)

  1. I’m impressed with how good the 1005 grafts look, but I’m also horrified by how awful the “before” photo looks, considering that this man had gotten 3500 grafts from NHI and another reputable clinic.

    Regardless of an individual’s hair quality, shouldn’t 3500 grafts have at least established a hairline and coverage for the frontal third of the scalp? I’m not trying to be negative or an internet troll, just wondering what the story is.

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