I Was Told I Didn’t Need to Take Propecia, But I’ve Already Been Taking It

I am 25 years old, and weeks ago i had my first appointment with Dr Pak at your office.

He was very helpful and professional and gave me very good news, we took a look for miniaturization and bulk loss and everything was fine and there was no point for my to worry about.

Dr Pak told me that it wasn’t even necessary for me to take propecia (which i been taken for two years and 6 months), i havent stopped propecia so far, because even though Dr Pak didn’t classify me on the norwood scale, what worries me is the hairline, now i believe i am between norwood 2.5 and 3.

My question is, is it safe to stop propecia when the norwood scale is more advanced that 2?

Perhaps my pictures taken by dr Pak two weeks ago are available in the data, and perhaps you could classify my in the norwood scale.( i’m not ok with having them posted)

Anyway i want to thank you and Dr Pak, I plan to have an apointment once a year if everything stays the same without changes, and i also plan the possibility to have a hair transplant with nhi on the hairline when i hit 30.

Thank you Dr Rassman

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I did review your file and it seems your hair loss issue started when you had a long hospitalization stay from your illness (considered stress-related hair loss). You noted hair loss after being discharged from the hospital and since then it has grown back.

There is little harm taking Propecia if there are no side effects; however, if after bulk analysis, miniaturization mapping, and observing your frontal hairline, it still indicates that you are not balding, then taking the drug is unnecessary.

Many men worry that they have frontal balding and often classify themselves as having a Norwood class 2 or 3 balding pattern, but they are really just seeing the appearance of a mature hairline. We often do not agree with their classification, but the final decision about taking Propecia is obviously yours and I can justify the drug in your particular case.

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