Hi, I’m 22-years-old (111 lbs) and started to diffused thin when I was 17. At the time, I was under severe prolonged stress and eating turkey with wheat bread for every meal for 7 months due to digestion problems, and using Nizoral to treat dandruff.

Since then, for the past 5 years, I have kept most of my hairline, excluding the receding area around my right-temple.

Most of the thinning is near the crown and on top of the scalp. The left-temple still has its shape but the hair quality is noticeably thinner than the rest of the hair on the sides.

I have been on-and-off Minox 5% for the past 3 years; Finasteride 1 mg for 16 months; miconazole nitrate cream for 6 months; and Folligen since the last month.

Overall, I have been trying to convert my vellus hairs into terminal ones, but so far I have not been successful. Should I drop Finasteride and go for either Dutasteride (? mg) or RU58841?

Thanks and looking forward to your response.

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Sorry, I am not your prescribing doctor and can’t tell you what medication you should take. Dutasteride’s proper dosage is still undetermined, it isn’t FDA approved for treating hair loss, and as it is a much stronger medication, the side effect risk is likely greater (and longer lasting). As for RU58841, the last I remember it was some experimental lotion that was tested on macaques years ago.

You sound desperate to try anything, but with severe stress and malnutrition, your hair loss should be one of the last concerns you have.

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