Nanogen Serum VEGF

What are your views on the new Nanogen Serum VEGF, and the (very big!) claims it makes?

I read about it in a magazine and wanted to yawn, but sucked my yawn back in when I saw the excitement of some of its supporters…

Link: £30 serum goes on sale to beat baldness

Reason tells me it will not make hair transplants redundant…but what about minoxidil? If not, is it worth adding to one’s arsenal of hair loss products?

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I have no experience with Nanogen’s Serum VEGF, but the notion that increasing blood supply to the scalp increases hair growth or reverses balding is wrong, illogical, and not scientific. The link you sent looks to be a press release disguised as a news article.

To me, it sounds like yet another product in a long line of products that try to dangle a carrot in front of balding men in hopes that they chase it. In other words, you can try it out if you’re curious, but I wouldn’t expect it to regrow hair.

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3 thoughts on “Nanogen Serum VEGF

  1. In my experience Nanogen Serum VEGF is a WASTE of time and Money , don’t try to get inside of these type of CRAPS. get away from it and control your curiosity and there are tons of GENUINE ways to regrow your hair , wouldn’t it?

  2. Actually, most drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies derive from natural compounds and is the basis for the intense “library” screening of natural products for chemical ‘hits” to already known drugs. I think the companies do a pretty good job.

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