RepliCel Retracts Their Misleading Press Release

Dear Dr. Rassman,

Please read the link: RepliCel Announces Retraction of Public Disclosure

Do you hear the fat lady singing for Replicel (and us balding lucky ones)?


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I had the link to the original press release and intended to write about it early this week, but saw it was removed. This explains it.

For those that aren’t aware, RepliCel issued a press release touting their hair loss “cure” and promoting the price of their stock. Then they issued a retraction of the statement, which is causing some on various forums to believe they aren’t hitting their targets. It sounds to be more like lawyers making sure they aren’t going to dig too deep a hole, but I really don’t know one way or the other. The link you sent about the retraction doesn’t mention anything about results of their treatment.

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