Shaved My Head After a Transplant and I’ve Got Pits at the Recipient Area

Ive shaved my head, have scar from hair transplant, that’s ok but how can I conceal the pits on top of my head, I can’t explain away that besides saying fell into cactus

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The pits you are seeing, assuming that you had true follicular unit transplants, are probably the result of too much skin left at the surface of the graft. I make a point to cut off as much of the skin as possible without damaging the hair grafts at the time of surgery. When follicular unit extraction (FUE) is done, most surgeons do not trim the skin edge, leaving more skin present in the graft. These bits of skin in the graft can cause the type of pitting you are referring to.

Unfortunately, it can not reasonably be fixed. Some doctors suggest dermabrasion (filling down the skin with a rasp), but this just produces other types of deformities, often worse than the pitting you are referring to.

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