I have a question I am surprised not to have seen answered yet.

What are your thoughts on the recently-release Vichy Neogenic product? It is making some fairly impressive claims. Thanks.

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L'OrealFrench cosmetics giant L’Oreal is well known for its hair color products, so maybe their marketing clout means more than I can ascertain from the non-scientific material I’ve seen announcing the Neogenic product (see here). I haven’t read any peer-reviewed studies that would convince me the claims are factual, nor would I suggest that this is the hair loss cure we’ve all been waiting for. But they say this is the evolution of their Aminexil hair loss treatment, for what it’s worth.

If the consumer believes the claims are true, then in the free economy it is the consumer’s choice to try the product. Until I can see more, I’ll just remind everyone that my motto has always been buyer beware.

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