I’m 17 and Balding in a NW 7 Pattern — Can I Take Propecia Now?!

Dr Rassman would you please kindly help me. I am a 17 year who has very strong hair loss. My hairloss started when I was 15. Am losing hair in a NW 7 pattern. Hairloss runs strong in my family but not at this age.

I have spoken to my doctor about propecia he said its upto me if I want to take. I honestly want to take it but I don’t know how it will affect my body development.

So my question is to you is will you prescribe propecia to a 17 year old (if one came to your office) and what are the risk

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Propecia is an elective medication. If you do not want to take it, then do not take it. This decision is ultimately yours. If someone under 18 years old comes to see me at my office, they need to be accompanied by their legal guardian or parent before I see them or recommend any treatments.

You need a diagnosis by a physician before starting on any medical regimen. You need a doctor who knows the science of balding and there are many of us from around the world. Since you noted in your email that you’re in the UK, there is a first class doctor there — Dr. Bessam Farjo — and I would suggest that you arrange to see him.

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