Do You Have Any Patients That Conceived a Child While on Propecia?

Dear Balding Blog,
I know fertility studies have been closely examined in relation to propecia usage at 1mg per day; however, my question is whether the doctors at balding blog know of anyone (patients) who have personally conceived whilst on propecia? I would like to hear anecdotal evidence, rather than clinical, and their experiences in relation to birth defects etc.
Thank you.

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I am certain that some of our patients on Propecia have achieved pregnancy with their wives/girlfriends. There’s a couple of commenters on this site that have posted in the past about conceiving a child while taking the medication. Some patients ask us about this and we generally give the go-ahead, but we do discuss the theoretical risks.

If you think about it, millions of young men are on the drug and some must have achieved pregnancy. If birth defects were to occur (ambiguous genitalia) lawsuits would be common. The incidence of ambiguous genitalia is one in 2000 births so it would be difficult to connect the appearance of this problem with the drug finasteride. Play with the numbers — assume 2,000,000 young men on finasteride, that would produce 1000 cases of ambiguous genitalia.

How would one relate the drug impact with the natural incidence of this condition in the general birth populations? I don’t know the answer to this question.

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  1. The desire of the poster for anecdotal rather than scientific data (in peer-reviewed scientific journals that are independent of commercial bias)underscores the unfortunate suspicion with evidence-based medicine.

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