How Can I Help My Strip Scar Turn White Faster?

Are there any ways to speed up the process of the strip scar turning white? I have had mine for just over 2 years and although it is slowly fading it is still a light pink colour. Does vitamin E or steroid cream help as I have heard people mention these.


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I would ask your doctor first for an examination and a diagnosis for the correct treatment plan. Sometimes, just giving it time may be the best treatment. It generally takes over a year for a scar to settle, but if it has been over 2 years, I would consult with a doctor. Most of the time the redness is very difficult to treat.

Some doctors may recommend over-the-counter steroid creams, but the redness is sometimes due to superficial blood vessels, in which case a cream would likely not be effective. Be careful, as this type of medication can be absorbed by the body with prolonged use.

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