Would this classify as a Mature Hairline? I have always had a fairly high hairline and am worried about the fact that the hairline is rounded more. I’m curious because I don’t see many pictures with this U shaped hairline. I am a 21 male. My vertex has no signs of thinning and depending on how I put my hair it looks worse than others. You can use these pictures on your site.

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Based on the photos, it looks like your corner recession is deeper than just a mature hairline. At 21 years old it’s possible that this is early hair loss, but I have no way to track the progression of your loss just by looking at some grainy photos taken under poor lighting. It’s also entirely possible that this is where your hair loss ends, or it could progress further. That’s where getting a doctor involved would make sense, so that you can quantify what you’re seeing.

So if you’re concerned, see a doctor for an in-person examination and get some baseline numbers in the form of hair bulk analysis.

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