Do I Have a Mature Hairline? (with Photos)

Would this classify as a Mature Hairline? I have always had a fairly high hairline and am worried about the fact that the hairline is rounded more. I’m curious because I don’t see many pictures with this U shaped hairline. I am a 21 male. My vertex has no signs of thinning and depending on how I put my hair it looks worse than others. You can use these pictures on your site.

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Based on the photos, it looks like your corner recession is deeper than just a mature hairline. At 21 years old it’s possible that this is early hair loss, but I have no way to track the progression of your loss just by looking at some grainy photos taken under poor lighting. It’s also entirely possible that this is where your hair loss ends, or it could progress further. That’s where getting a doctor involved would make sense, so that you can quantify what you’re seeing.

So if you’re concerned, see a doctor for an in-person examination and get some baseline numbers in the form of hair bulk analysis.

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5 thoughts on “Do I Have a Mature Hairline? (with Photos)

  1. Dr Rassman commented “It’s also entirely possible that this is where your hair loss ends”???. If he is only 21 and has already experienced hair loss (which looks very possible) then wouldn’t he almost certainly continue to lose more? I have read many many times that the earlier you start losing hair the more you will lose??? Can some people lose hair very young and then lose no more? Seems kind of strange…

  2. If that is the full extent of his hair loss pattern it’s certainly possible. There are more men of a Norwood 3 than Norwood 6 or 7 – so logically more men will have limited loss than those who continue.

    I think the confusion may be in that those with severe hair loss final patterns 6-7 will see a lot of loss in their 20s – its not that hair loss in the 20s automatically equals a 6-7 pattern. The pattern is just a genetic quirk.

  3. U have a big forehead and also your right hairline is a little higher than the left.

    But it’s just an Asymmetrical Hairline, your natural hairline.

    (some women have an Asymmetrical hairline)

  4. You maybe gluten sensitive mate you should try avoiding wheat or barley…. Do a google search and read about it you need to find the reason why your hairline is receding stop the cause then maybe think about hair restoration.

    Good luck

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