I’m a Woman Considering a Hair Transplant

I am a female in my early twenties and I am considering having a hair transplantation surgery. However, I am not sure which method to choose or if I should even have the surgery done.

When I was young, I had a bad habit of pulling my hair. I also used to tie my hair very tightly, which resulted in receding hairline, very thin or almost bald spots at the front of my head.The increased size of my forehead and the presence of almost bald spots made me insecure and uncomfortable with my looks.

I have a somewhat thick hair even after losing so much hair last year due to stress. I also had very low levels of vitamin D which could have attributed to my recent hair loss. A few months ago, I started taking multi vitamins and high doses of vitamin D. I also started some oil treatments and I noticed some thin hair growing in the front.

Since I was able to detect some natural improvements, I felt like I should continue and see if I can regrow my hair naturally. It would be safer, scar-free, and much cheaper to do it this way. I have seen some encouraging before and after photos on the internet and I know a relative who managed to regrow front hair without surgery.

On the other hand, surgery provides more guaranteed results and allows me to choose the shape of my hairline. I contacted some doctors and I have been told that I should make an appointment before the new year or the prices will rise. I will probably need around 1500 grafts.

In case you think that I should have HT, do you recommend FUT or FUE?

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The method of harvesting is not an issue in women who keep reasonably long hair. The cost differential might make a difference if you go the transplant route (FUT/strip will cost less per graft than FUE). Each technique has various pros and cons that we’ve written about before.

People who pull at their hair and see permanent hair loss from it (trichotillomania) must make sure that the problem is stopped before transplanting the area. Most women who pull their hair, will continue to pull their hair, and that causes failure of the transplant process. Are you sure, absolutely sure, that the pulling is over?

Encouraging photos on the internet are one thing, but I really doubt there’s any medication or vitamins that will get hair to regrow at the hairline. If it works for you, that’s a great thing…. but I wouldn’t expect too much.

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